Strength and conditioning

The strength and conditioning team is integral to the Performance Sport programme. They provide comprehensive and specialised coaching to enhance the physical performance of our athletes. 

The department combines strength training, power development, speed and agility work, mobility and flexibility exercises, and injury prevention strategies to ensure that our athletes are prepared to tackle the demands of their sport.

The team is led by Adam Lancaster, a highly qualified and experienced strength and conditioning coach, who works closely with individual athletes, teams and coaches.

UWE Performance Sport strength and conditioning coach Adam, talking to a student athlete.

Adam's philosophy

As the Head of Strength and Conditioning, Adam's approach is focused on reducing injury, moving better, getting stronger and becoming more explosive. 

Addressing the specific requirements of each athlete is key and Adam incorporates a competency approach, where exercise selection is progressed through an athlete's ability to achieve landmarks within each phase.

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Portrait of Adam Lancaster, UWE Performance Sport's Head of Strength and Conditioning.


"Adam has been very supportive to me during the past three years, adjusting all my sessions to help me get through a major hip injury. Thanks to his expertise, I was able to come back quickly to professional competitions and stay injury free. Adam is constantly developing and studying. He will often surprise me with innovative ideas that make the training more enjoyable and entertaining."

Filip, squash athlete

Performance athlete support

Performance Sport nutritionist Rachel attending an outdoor training session.


UWE Performance Sport nutrition department works to optimise the performance and wellbeing of athletes through nutritional support and education.

Performance Sport's sport therapist Emily tightening an athlete's glove.

Sports therapy

The sports therapy department at UWE Performance Sport provides exceptional care and treatment services tailored specifically for elite athletes.

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