The nutrition department is dedicated to optimising the performance and wellbeing of athletes through nutritional support and education.

We recognise the unique demands placed on high-performing student athletes. Our goal is to ensure that you have practical and realistic nutrition strategies in place to maximise your potential and achieve success in your sport and studies.

The department is managed by experienced dietician and performance nutritionist Rachel White. She works closely with our athletes to achieve optimum nutrition to fuel their performance and recovery.

The department is partnered with leading sports nutrition supplier Nutrition X.

UWE Performance Sport nutritionist Rachel at an outdoor training practice.

Rachel's philosophy

Rachel’s food-first philosophy ensures that all athletes are fuelled correctly to perform to the best of their ability.

She tailors nutrition strategies to the individual needs of each performance athlete, while promoting education, performance optimisation, and long-term health and wellbeing.

Rachel on Instagram
UWE Bristol Performance Sport nutritionist Rachel at an ultra race finish line.


"Since working with Rachel, she has improved my diet to cater for my judo, university and work schedules. She also provided a clear and structured strategy for making my weight category safely and effectively. This has helped optimise my performance, training, and day-to-day life. I’ve really enjoyed working with Rachel and really appreciate the effort she has put in with me."

Tatum, judo athlete

Performance athlete support

Performance Sport's sport therapist Emily tightening an athlete's glove.

Sports therapy

The sports therapy department at UWE Performance Sport provides exceptional care and treatment services tailored specifically for elite athletes.

Adam Lancaster, Head of Strength and Conditioning for UWE Bristol Performance Sport

Strength and conditioning

The strength and conditioning team provide comprehensive and specialised coaching to enhance the physical performance of our performance athletes.

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