Recycling and refuse

To reduce our impact on the environment, UWE Bristol has the aim of recycling 80 per cent of the waste we produce. To help achieve this target we provide facilities to recycle a wide range of materials.


Whilst in accommodation, you are able to recycle the following materials into large industrial recycling bins located centrally:

  • paper, including magazines and newspaper
  • cardboard
  • cans for food or drink, foil and metal lids
  • plastic bottles and other plastic containers
  • glass bottles and jars (not broken glass)
  • food waste.

Make sure you put the correct items in the correct bins. If they are not sorted properly then the entire bin has to go to landfill.

Recyclable waste is collected from the bin stores located outside of your residence several times per week.

Facilities for recycling old batteries are available in the Frenchay Customer Service Desks.

General waste

General waste is rubbish that cannot be recycled. It is collected from the bin stores outside the accommodation three times a week, normally on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday, or more frequently as required at busy periods.

Your responsibilities

You must regularly remove waste and recycling from bedrooms and common areas using the appropriate refuse containers. Waste should not be left in any areas of the property.

Unwanted items

Facilities for recycling/donating unwanted items such as clothes, books and DVDs to local charities will be available the whole year round in the bin store area.

Bristol Big Give

As part of the Bristol Big Give, which takes place in April and May each year, you will have the opportunity to recycle/donate some of the items you do not wish to take with you when you move out. Items may include books, clothes, electrical items and tinned/packet food. These items will be sold in local charity shops. Cages will be provided for bedding and duvets.

More information on how to get involved will be provided nearer the time to your departure and on the Big Give Facebook page.

The Sustainability Hub

You can donate good quality items to the Sustainability Hub on Frenchay Campus. Visit the swap shop and donate an item for tokens to exchange for a new item.

The Sustainability Hub is in 1D011 and is open Tuesday to Thursday, 10:00-16:00.

If you experience a problem

If you experience any problems with waste and recycling please report this to the Customer Service Desk or email

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