Check if you or your guests need a UK visa

Who may need a Standard Visitor visa

  • Guests attending your graduation ceremony
  • Students outside the UK who are coming to the UK solely for their graduation ceremony.

Check if you need a visa

Get a visa support letter

You can create your own visa support letter for your guests to use in their visa application. The University does not supply the letter to you but you can use the template we have provided.

Get visa support letter template (Word)

Also give your guests a copy of your:

  • Email invitation asking you to book your place at graduation
  • Passport information page and student visa.

Making a visa application

Go to UK Visas and Immigration to apply for a visa and find visa processing times.

If you need any more information on immigration requirements for coming to the UK, we recommend you contact our Immigration Advice team at

Book your place by the deadline

We use an external company called Ede & Ravenscroft to manage bookings, guest tickets, robe hire and photography.

Booking your place is free of charge.

If you want to attend your ceremony, you need to:

  • Book your place through Ede & Ravenscroft as soon as you get your email invitation even if you are waiting for your visa or results to be confirmed.
  • Go through checkout to book your place even if you don’t pay for robes, photography and guest tickets at the same time.

If you don't book your free place before the deadline you won't be able to attend.

Book your place

Booking robes, photography and guest tickets

  • Robes, photography and guest tickets can be booked closer to your ceremony date.
  • Friday 21 June 2024 is the deadline for all bookings for the July 2024 ceremonies.
  • It is possible to hire a robe and book photography on the day, but we can’t guarantee you will be able to do this.

Booking travel and accommodation

We recommend you do not book travel and accommodation until your visa is granted. We recognise that this is not always possible in the case of international travel, but the University does not accept liability for any costs or expenses incurred by those due to attend the ceremony.

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