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Entry requirements - Portugal

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The experienced UWE Bristol International team will be happy to give you advice on the suitability of your qualifications for your chosen course.

Qualifications listed under each heading may satisfy UWE Bristol entry requirements to that level of study. This is not a guarantee of an offer of a place, which is at the University’s discretion.

Entry onto foundation courses

For foundation level entry students need at a pass mark of 11 in the Certificado de fim de Estudos Secundários (previously Certidão do Décimo Segundo Ano).

Entry onto undergraduate courses

Holders of Certificado de fim de Estudos Secundários (previously Certidão do Décimo Segundo Ano) with a minimum score of 14 or bom.

Students who have successfully completed the Bacharel/Bacharelato in some cases may be eligible to apply for second year entry, subject to satisfactory module mapping.

The requirements listed above are the minimum requirement for entrance to UWE Bristol; competitive courses may require higher scores.

Entry onto postgraduate courses

Completed Diploma de Estudos Superiores, Especializados (DESE) or Licenciado with an overall grade of 14 will be considered for entry onto a master's course.

Holders of a good master's degree, Mestrado/Mestra from a university in Portugal will be considered for PhD study.

English language requirements

To study at UWE Bristol you must demonstrate that your English level is high enough for university study. We accept a number of different Secure English Language Tests (SELT) for entry onto our degree courses, with IELTS being the most common. English language requirements vary slightly from subject to subject.

Please see a list of other acceptable English language qualifications.

What to do if you don't meet our entry requirements

If you do not quite meet our entry requirements, our International College offers a range of university preparation courses to teach you all you need to progress to UWE Bristol. We also have a pre-sessional English language course to get your English skills up to the standard required for entry to UWE Bristol.


Country manager

For UWE Bristol enquiries, please contact our UK-based expert:

Lorraine Kirby, Regional Manager, Europe, Russia and CISLorraine Kirby
Regional Manager, Europe, Russia and CIS
Based in Bristol

Contact us

Country representatives

Below you will find the contact details for our representatives in your country. They can provide you with further information and assist with the submission of your application to UWE Bristol. They can also offer advice on visas, accommodation, scholarships, travel and more.

Representative name Contact details
OK Estudante
Edificio de Santa Catarina
Rua de Santa Catarina
Escritorio No6, R/C 6E

Contact: Evora office
Telephone: (+351) 266 704078
Email: evora@okestudante.pt
Website: http://www.okestudante.pt/

OK Estudante
Rua Alexandre Herculano N 2
1 Dto

Contact: Lisbon office
Telephone: (+351) 218 289 204
Email: info@okestudante.pt
Website: http://www.okestudante.pt/

OK Estudante
Rua Alexandre Herculano N 341 4 Andar
Sala 14

Contact: Porto office
Telephone: (+351) 227 661 195
Email: info@okestudante.pt
Website: http://www.okestudante.pt/

OK Estudante
Av. Combatentes da Grande Guerra N 79

Contact: Leiria office
Telephone: (+351) 244 033 883
Email: leiria@okestudante.pt
Website: http://www.okestudante.pt/

OK Estudante
Rua de Olivença, nr 11 - 3 andar
Sala 303
Contact: Coimbra office
Telephone: (+351) 239 092 876
Email: coimbra@okestudante.pt
Website: www.okestudante.pt/
OK Estudante
Praca Alexandre Herculano
Edificio Alagoa N.22, 4F

Contact: Faro office
Telephone: (+351) 289 823 648
Email: faro@okestudante.pt
Website: http://www.okestudante.pt/

OK Estudante
Centro Comercial Europa - Lj 26
Rua do Bom Jesus, 8 a 10

Contact: Funchal office
Telephone: (+351) 291 098 099
Email: info.funchal@okestudante.pt
Website: http://www.okestudante.pt/

OK Estudante
Rua Dom António Valente da Fonseca N 17
2º Esquerdo
Vila Real

Contact: Vila Real office
Telephone: (+351) 259 044 117
Email: vilareal@okestudante.pt
Website: http://www.okestudante.pt/

OK Estudante
Rua Fran Pacheco
No 171

Contact: Setubal office
Telephone: (+351) 265 095 400
Email: setubal@okestudante.pt
Website: http://www.okestudante.pt/

Funding and scholarships

Every year we offer a large number of scholarships to international students. Take a look at the full list of UWE Bristol International scholarships to find out more.

You may also want to consider other scholarships available from organisations independent of UWE Bristol.