Heading Higher Passport Plus

What is Heading Higher Passport Plus?

Heading Higher Passport Plus (HHP) helps prepare you for higher education. Explore your motivation to study at university and take advantage of the activities and support offered at school/college and UWE Bristol. Doing HHP Plus can help you become a successful UWE Bristol student.

Eligible HHP Plus applicants to UWE Bristol can earn additional UCAS tariff points:

  • HHP Plus degree applicants = 16 UCAS Tariff points.
  • HHP Plus Foundation Year or Foundation Degree applicant = 8 UCAS Tariff points.

Information for students

What do I have to do to earn HHP Plus benefits?

HHP Plus is designed to help you make confident and realistic choices about your next steps by encouraging you to ask yourself three key questions

  • When I picture myself in the future, who do I want to become?
  • What motivates me to learn?
  • What can I do next to help me realise my goals?


HHP works alongside the one to one advice & guidance and tutorial/careers/ HE programme at your sixth form or college. You complete seven personal learning experiences related to the key questions above.

Three ‘must do’ and four ‘optional’ HHP Plus experiences:

We know that those students who visit a university and talk to current HE students, develop some study skills and reflective learning skills are more likely to make a successful progression to higher education. These are the ‘must do’ HHP experiences. These can be completed face to face or online.

The other four optional experiences are personal to you. What will help you feel more confident about your next steps?

UWE Bristol offer a range of outreach activities to join in, all count toward HHP Plus. Check out our current offer.

The HHP Plus guide (PDF) will help you plan and reflect on your HHP Plus experiences. It takes you through a process step by step and counts as one of the ‘must do’ requirements; ‘Reflective Learning’.

Use the learning you gain from your HHP Plus experiences to help write your UCAS Application and draft your Personal Statement.

Not sure where to start or how to get going?

Have a chat with your tutor/adviser.

Applying to UWE Bristol?

If you meet one, or more, of the access ‘eligibility criteria' your school/college can register you as an HHP Plus Applicant to UWE Bristol. If you are made an offer of a place at UWE you automatically earn additional UCAS tariff points to count towards your offer. Check if your school/college is an HHP Plus partner.

Eligibility for HHP Plus