About VPNs

A virtual private network (VPN) extends a private network (in this case UWE Bristol) across a public network (your broadband or other internet connection).

The VPN allows your computer or laptop to communicate securely with licence servers on the UWE Bristol network. 

When you will need a VPN connection for AppsAnywhere

Some software is only licenced for use on campus computers. This means that if you're using your own device on or off campus you'll need to use a VPN connection to obtain a license for these packages.

Software and devices requiring a VPN connection

In AppsAnywhere, you will see Campus only or VPN below the title of the software.

You need a VPN connection to access software licences from all devices when off campus. Personal devices will also required VPN when on campus.

Software requiring a VPN connection

Altair FEKO WinProp
Ansys (although there is also a local version available)
ArcGIS Desktop
AutoCAD Architecture
Civil 3D
Esri CityEngine
IntelliJ IDEA
Motion Builder
Navisworks Manage
Navisworks Simulate
Recap Pro
Rhino 6
Robot Structural Analysis
STK Systems Tool Kit
V-Ray for Revit
V- Ray for Rhino
V-Ray for SketchUp

Starting a VPN connection

  1. Login to AppsAnywhere using your UWE Bristol email and password
  2. Search VPN in the search bar
  3. Select Pulse Secure VPN
  4. Click Download:
    An image of the Pulse Secure VPN window.
  5. Follow the instructions in the Pulse Secure Setup window:
    An image of the Welcome to the Pulse Secure Setup Wizard window
  6. Once the set up is complete, open Pulse Secure and click the + button to add a new connection:
    An image of the Pulse Secure window, showing the + button.
  7. In the 'Add Connections' window, enter the following details:
    Name: AppsAnywhere
    Server URL: xa.uwe.ac.uk/licence (must be lowercase)
    An image of the Add Connection screen within Pulse Secure.
  8. Click Add
  9. On your phone, download and install the Microsoft Authenticator from your app store - this is the same one you need for self-service password reset, so you may already have it installed.
  10. Sign into https://xa.uwe.ac.uk/licence using a web browser to set up multi-factor authentication (MFA) for Pulse Secure:
    An image of the UWE External Access System log in screen.
  11. You will be presented with a QR code. Open the Authenticator app on your phone and scan the QR code on the screen.
  12. Go back to Pulse Secure, click Connect and enter your UWE Bristol username and password:
    An image of the 'Connect to' screen, within Pulse Secure.
  13. Open the Authenticator App on your phone and enter the six-digit token from the Pulse Secure account and click Connect:
    An image of 'Please enter response' screen within Pulse Secure.
  14. Once you are connected you can launch the required software from AppsAnywhere.

VPN connection time limit

VPN connections will last for a two-hour session and you'll get a notification when it's about to end.

If you need more time you'll need to reopen Pulse Secure to login and go through the authentication process again via using a VPN for AppsAnywhere (steps 6-14).