Create your community

Preparatory work for the ‘community’ session.

You’ve chosen to study at UWE Bristol, but that is just the beginning. It’s now up to you to create the kind of community where everybody is respected and valued, where we challenge each other to be a positive example to others.

How we live and work together each day will determine how successful we are individually and collectively. To be innovative and enterprising, we have to be collaborative and inclusive. Each of us is unique, therefore every one of us is different. Let’s welcome, celebrate, explore and enjoy our differences.

International students sat together on campus

1. Watch the Speak Up animations

2. Ask yourself

  1. What type of community do you want to be a part of? Write down five things that matter when you’re looking for a community where you feel comfortable.
  2. What values do these things represent?
  3. How do the values you described above match UWE Bristol’s values? Just in case you forgot, these are UWE Bristol’s values, vision and strategy.

3. Community

In your programme session, you’ll talk about Community.

Community can refer to many things: academic communities, local communities, learning communities and our University community.

Community things to do:

Team meet-up activity for Community

Read our Introduction to Meet-ups for more information.

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