Suspension for academic reasons

Suspension for academic reasons at UWE Bristol.


You may be suspended from or required to leave a programme, award or module for academic reasons other than failure in assessment. These reasons may include:

  • non-compliance with the programme requirements (eg attendance requirements or participation in specific programme, award, or module activities)
  • proven and multiple assessment offences
  • admission on the basis of an application which is subsequently found to be incorrect or fraudulent
  • you have acquired a status which renders continuation on the programme or award inappropriate.

If you are on a professional programme where there are concerns regarding your professional suitability or fitness to practice (which may include lack of engagement or poor attendance), the Professional Suitability Policy and Procedure (PDF) will be used.

Non-compliance with programme, award or module requirements may be identifiable by the Examining Board if the programme requirements include items which are listed in the assessment requirements. In such a case, the Examining Board’s decision is implemented in the normal way.

The Vice-Chancellor may delegate responsibility to a member of the Vice-Chancellor’s Executive and the Executive Dean may delegate responsibility to an Associate Dean or another senior member of the staff of the college.

Expulsion procedure

If an Executive Dean (or nominee) considers that your participation in a programme, award or module is of such a nature as to render it unlikely that you could fulfil its academic, assessment, professional or practice requirements, they may propose that you are expelled from it. This will only be after they have given you the opportunity to be heard and to be represented by The Students’ Union at UWE.

They will notify you in writing of the proposal to expel, of the date and time set aside for the opportunity to be heard and will remind you of the assistance which can be provided by The Students’ Union at UWE.

After you have been given the opportunity to be heard, if the Executive Dean (or nominee) still wishes to expel you from the programme, award or module, they will submit a request to the Student Casework Team Manager.

The request will include:

  • the reasons for the request
  • whether or not suspension pending the outcome is sought
  • any written or verbal representations made by you.

On receipt of a proposal for expulsion which includes a proposal for suspension while the request is being considered, the Student Casework Team Manager will seek the permission of the Vice-Chancellor (or nominee) for the suspension. They will inform you of the decision.

Any temporary suspension will remain in force until such time as it is changed by the outcome of this procedure. The Vice-Chancellor (or nominee) will review at regular intervals whether it is reasonable for the temporary suspension to continue, be revoked or extended for a further period of time.

Appealing against the decision

On receipt of a proposal for expulsion, the Student Casework Team Manager will send a copy of the request to you, and provide an opportunity for you to appeal within ten working days. You must appeal in writing to the Student Casework Team Manager.

The only grounds for appeal are:

  • that the University has failed to follow the procedure as set out
  • that you have new material information/evidence which was not reasonably available before.

The Vice-Chancellor (or nominee) will consider the appeal submission and determine whether there are valid grounds to proceed.

Where valid grounds have been determined, the Student Casework Team Manager will invite you to submit additional evidence within a specified timeframe for further consideration. This may include an opportunity for you to be heard by the Vice-Chancellor (or nominee) and to be represented by The Students’ Union at UWE.

The Vice-Chancellor (or nominee) may make any decision appropriate to the case including a period of temporary suspension and expulsion from the University.

Conclusion of the procedure

The decision of the Vice-Chancellor (or nominee) will be final and will conclude this procedure. The Student Casework Team Manager will notify you and the Executive Dean (or nominee) of the Vice-Chancellor’s (or nominee’s) decision.

A ‘Completion of Procedures’ letter will be issued to you. Further information on procedures for external and independent review can be obtained from the Office of the Independent Adjudicator for Higher Education website.

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