Student and project registration

Initial registration

You will need to register as a student when you start your research degree. This involves completing a registration form and making arrangements for the payment of any tuition or project fees liable to the University (see below).

The Graduate School will send you more information about this initial registration process after you accept our offer of a place of study.


You must re-register as a student at UWE Bristol for each year of study until the completion of your research degree. Re-registration will occur annually based on your start date: in October, January or April.

It is a condition of registration that you complete a satisfactory review of progress. You will be sent a reminder notification when your progress review is due.

If your progress is satisfactory, your continued registration will be authorised.


If you are liable for your tuition fees and/or any project fees, these will also need to be paid at the start of each year of study. 

If you are being sponsored, please make sure that your sponsor is aware that the fees will be due on an annual basis.

You should ensure that arrangements are in place as promptly as possible since a delay in the payment of fees may result in access to facilities at UWE Bristol being suspended.

Please visit our fees and funding page for current tuition and project fees.

Project registration

Within three months (full time) or six months (part time) of your start date, you will be required to formally register your research project using an RD1 (Doc) form. 

You will need to work closely with your supervision team in outlining your research propsal and addressing your research training requirements. You should submit the completed RD1 to the Graduate School office.

Your RD1 will need to be reviewed by the Faculty Research Degrees Committee (FRDC) at their next appropriate meeting. The Graduate School office will report back to you with the FRDC's decision.