The purpose of this guidance is to set out UWE Bristol's expectations of researchers in relation to the security of research data, and to signpost researchers to relevant specific guidance.

'Research' as used here means research by staff or students at any level.

Research data can be in any form, for example:

  • electronic or hard copy
  • video
  • audio
  • artefacts
  • machine readouts.

All is valuable and must be appropriately protected.


Guidelines on each individual's responsibilities in relation to data security.

Data storage at UWE Bristol

Our expectations of researchers, in relation to storing of research data on UWE Bristol servers.

Data storage outside UWE Bristol

Guidance for all circumstances when data is stored anywhere apart from our premises or on UWE Bristol servers.

Removable media and in transit

Restrictions and information on storing data on removable media and in transit.

Sharing of data

Our expectations of researchers, in relation to the sharing of research data.

Disposal of data

UWE Bristol's expectations of researchers, in relation to the disposal of research data.


Research data should be classified as either (in accordance with the University's Information Handling Policy):

  • public
  • restricted
  • confidential.

Data definitions

This guidance refers extensively to data which is confidential or restricted, including data which relates to an identifiable living person (personal data).

However, all research data is valuable and should be protected from loss. Care must be taken to appropriately protect the data asset. Some data will also be particularly sensitive, for example:

  • company financial data
  • security sensitive information
  • information which may relate to dual use technology
  • data relating to populations of wild animals.


This guidance sets out UWE Bristol's expectations and the sources of support available.

  • Research data must be securely stored, used and, only where appropriate, shared.
  • Researchers working with:

Further information

Please note: this guidance is supplementary to the following:

For specific guidance, please visit the relevant research data security guidance pages below.

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