Research governance and policies

Including research standards

About research governance at UWE Bristol

UWE Bristol is committed to promoting excellent research which observes the highest possible standards of integrity. Research governance is the framing within which we manage research to ensure research integrity is achieved. This framing includes principles, legal and regulatory provisions, standards of good practice, policies, guidance, systems, management and supervision.

Research Governance team

The Research Governance team provides support and advice for all researchers on research governance and good research practice at UWE Bristol.

We also provide governance advice and support for more specialist areas such as researching with children or vulnerable groups, human tissue research or working with statutory organisations such as the NHS.

The governance team can also signpost researchers to further specialist advice available within UWE Bristol, such as:

  • collaboration agreements for research projects
  • obtaining ethics approvals
  • completing research risk assessments
  • compliance with data protection legislation or understanding insurances for research projects.

Team members

Research integrity is overseen by Professor John Hancock; Associate Head of School (Research and Knowledge Exchange), School of Applied Sciences, College of Health, Science and Society.

Contact Ros Rouse. Research Governance Manager, for research integrity matters or formal complaints of research misconduct.

For general research governance enquiries, please email

UWE Bristol Code of Good Research Conduct

UWE Bristol embraces and will meet the requirements of the Concordat to Support Research Integrity (Universities UK, 2019). To support this policy, the University has set in place a Code of Good Research Conduct.

In line with the requirements of the Concordat, UWE Bristol also publishes an annual statement on research integrity: 

The use of animals in research

Please refer to the University's policy statement on the use of animals in research for the latest guidance in this area.

Research misconduct

In line with the Concordat to Support Research Integrity, UWE Bristol has set in place specific procedures for dealing with allegations of research misconduct. If you want to find out more you can download UWE Bristol's Research Misconduct Procedure (PDF).

Public disclosure ("Whistleblowing")

The University is committed to the highest standards of honesty, openness and accountability. A Whistleblowing and Public Interest Disclosure Policy (within the Corporate section) is in place to allow staff, students and all members of the University to raise concerns or information which they believe in good faith provides evidence of malpractice or impropriety. 

Further resources

Additional resources for researchers are available including guidance on human tissue research and research data management.

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