UWE Bristol Code of Good Research Conduct

UWE Bristol has set in place a Code of Good Research Conduct and a Policy on Good Research Conduct to promote good research practice, and prevent research misconduct. The code sets out the University’s requirements and expectations of researchers.

The policy and code applies to all researchers conducting research at or under the auspices of UWE Bristol. This includes academic staff, professional service staff, students, and visiting researchers.

UWE Bristol Code of Good Research Conduct and Policy

View the full version of the Code of Good Research Conduct (PDF) and the Policy on Good Research Conduct (PDF). You can access the different sections within the full version of the code below.

Sections of the Code of Good Research Conduct

1. Introduction

This Code of Conduct sets out the University’s requirements, advice and guidance in relation to good research conduct and practice. This Code is an updated version of the previous Code of Good Conduct in Research (April 2010), and incorporates the requirements of the Concordat to Support Research Integrity (Universities UK, 2012). It applies to researchers conducting research at, or under the auspices of, UWE Bristol. This includes academic staff, professional service staff, and students conducting research as part of any programme. Visiting researchers and students are also covered by the relevant provisions of the Code. In the case of students, researcher responsibilities are shared with Directors of studies for research degrees or the student research Supervisor for taught degrees (see 5.3.3 below). More detailed information about research role definitions is included in Annex 1 (see below).

2. Good research conduct

This section introduces the Concordat to Support Research Integrity (see Annex 2) and defines what is meant by integrity, good research conduct and good research practice at UWE Bristol, and why this is important.

Good research conduct (PDF)

3. Funder and partner requirements upon UWE Bristol and its researchers

This section outlines the funder requirements that UWE Bristol must comply with, including those set out in the Concordat to Support Research Integrity (with key requirements given in Annex 2) and the Research Councils UK (RCUK) Policy and Guidelines on Good Research Conduct. Examples of other funder requirements are also given in the associated Annex 3 (see below).

Funder and partner requirements upon UWE Bristol and its researchers (PDF)

4. Leadership and embedding a culture of research integrity

This section outlines the research governance structure at UWE Bristol and explains where responsibility for research governance lies, from overall responsibility for research governance at UWE Bristol, down to responsibility at research project level.

Leadership and embedding a culture of research integrity (PDF)

5. Training and support

This section outlines the expectations at UWE Bristol with regards to competencies of staff involved in research, and who is responsible for ensuring that training needs are met. UWE Bristol’s expectations of students with regards to good research practice are also explained, along with the expectations and responsibilities of those supervising student research.

Training and support (PDF)

6. Research ethics

UWE Bristol is committed to promoting high ethical standards in the conduct of research undertaken by its staff and students. This section provides a brief overview of the research ethics policy and procedures at UWE Bristol, with links to further information.

Research ethics (PDF)

7. Research data management

This section provides a brief introduction to research data management, and links to further guidance on managing research data and on data protection and data security at UWE Bristol.

Research data management (PDF)

8. Communicating the outcomes of research

UWE Bristol is committed to achieving impact through high-quality research and this section focuses on good practice in the publication of the results of research and knowledge exchange activities at UWE Bristol. Guidance is given on defining authorship, acknowledging contributions and funding, and compliance with Open Access requirements.

Communicating the outcomes of research (PDF)

9. Responsibility for submission of research applications to external funders

This section summarises the responsibilities and procedures at UWE Bristol when applying for external funding for research. Examples are given where UWE Bristol Project Managers may wish to seek further governance guidance before applying for external funding (e.g. research with vulnerable groups, clinical trials, research that includes a significant international dimension in relation to research governance). UWE Bristol guidance on acceptable sources of funding is also given.

Responsibility for submission of research applications to external funders (PDF)

10. Responsibility for internally funded research

The University applies the same standards of good research practice to research which is funded as part of the University’s own internally managed research funding, or as part of personal research and scholarship, or research conducted to inform the University’s operations. The governance structure and responsibilities for internally funded research are the same as for externally funded research (see section 11).

11. Peer review

The University recognises that peer review is an integral part of the system of assurance of good research practice in the UK. As such, UWE Bristol encourages its staff researchers to take part in internal and external peer review activities. More detailed guidance can be found in Annex 5 (see below). The University has set in place an internal peer review college, and it is the expectation that researchers will make use of this resource where internal peer review is a funder requirement, and are encouraged to do so for other research proposals.

12. Conflicts of interest

This section outlines UWE Bristol’s expectations in declaring conflicts of interest which may affect researchers and their research.

Conflicts of interest (PDF)

13. Health and safety

This section outlines UWE Bristol’s expectations with regards to the management of health and safety in research. Information is provided on conducting risk assessments and accessing appropriate training, and further guidance is given in associated Annex 6 (see below).

Health and safety (PDF)

14. Financial probity

The University requires researchers to be open and honest in all financial and commercial matters relating to research and its funding.

Financial probity (PDF)

15. Intellectual property

The University strongly welcomes collaborative arrangements with partners and acknowledges that almost all research activity will involve some form of intellectual property. This section provides an overview of UWE Bristol’s Intellectual Property Policy and Procedures as a basis for supporting mutually beneficial collaborations.

Intellectual property (PDF)

16. Insurance, liability and negligence

It is essential that appropriate insurances are in place for any research activity being undertaken. This section gives guidance on the insurance cover provided as standard by UWE Bristol, and outlines areas where additional insurance cover made be needed.

Insurance, liability and negligence (PDF)

17. Legal and regulatory frameworks

Researchers must operate within the law and regulation, and must have up to date knowledge in this respect. While it is not possible to list all of the laws or regulations that may apply to research, further details about key legal frameworks are given in the associated Annex 7 (see below).

Legal and regulatory frameworks (PDF)

18. Equality and diversity

The University is committed to supporting, developing and promoting equality and diversity in all of its practices. Further details are given in this section.

Equality and diversity (PDF)

19. Sustainability

The University expects its researchers to be mindful of sustainability issues which arise in the context of research. Further guidance is given in this section.

Sustainability (PDF)

20. Public Interest Disclosure (‘Whistleblowing’)

UWE Bristol seeks to provide a supportive environment for those with research misconduct concerns, and this section outlines the procedures for raising such concerns.

Public Interest Disclosure (‘Whistleblowing’) (PDF)

21. Research misconduct

This section defines research misconduct, and outlines UWE Bristol’s rigourous procedures for the investigation of research misconduct.

Research misconduct (PDF)


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