ESRC Seminar Series - Seminar 7

Seminar 7 of the ESRC seminar series

Seminar 7 - Joint ESRC/TCPA seminar

(London December 2016)

The seminar was organised in collaboration with TCPA, following the launch of the following journal: 

November 2016 issue of Town and Country Planning Journal on Planning and Health.

This has been an important milestone year for Planning and Health policy implementation. Already this year there have been strategic announcements such as the NHS England Healthy New Towns, and there is already abundant evidence to suggest the social and economic benefit from better planning of environments on population health.

This special issue continued TCPA’s thought leadership of the agenda by focusing on practical challenges as practitioners seek to health-proof the UK by grappling with emerging public health epidemics while meeting growth and development needs. It covered topics on interventions at different spatial scales and locations, the nature of evidence and impact, and what the emerging innovations are for the professions.

One of the articles:

"Re-uniting the evidence base for Health and Planning"

- highlighted some of the learning from the ESRC seminar series so far. We will also report on the House of

Details on the TCPS final launch agenda and presentations are available:

TCPA Final Launch Agenda

Presentations TCPA Launch Event of the TCP Special edition on planning for health

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