Members of the Science Communication Unit (SCU)

A variety of staff and students work with the SCU on our practical, academic and postgraduate project portfolio.


Academic staff

Research staff

Current PhD students

Miriam Al-Futaih

Thesis title: Organic farming and knowledge exchange in Great Britain: Opportunities and barriers for organic agricultural knowledge exchange and innovation through social media.

Supervisory team: Dr Angelina Sanderson Bellamy (Director of Studies), Dr Hannah Little, Dr Emma Weitkamp.

Karen Collins

Thesis title: Exploring evaluation: How can science communication draw on evaluation best practice in other fields?

Supervisory team: Dr Clare Wilkinson and Dr Margarida Sardo.

Andreia Jorge

Thesis title: To understand how plant diversity communication is performed, both from the institutions’ perspective and communicators’ angle.

Supervisory team: Dr Emma Weitkamp (Director of Studies), Dr Hannah Little, Teresa Girão, António Gouveia.

Sophie Laggan (DPhil)

Thesis title:  Enhancing public participation in environmental decision-making: lessons from research and practice.

Supervisory team: Dr Laura Fogg-Rogers (Director of Studies), Dr Enda Hayes.

Abbi Matthews

Thesis title: Using social media to reduce stigma towards visible differences and increase acceptance of appearance diversity. 

Supervisory team: Dr Ella Guest (Director of Studies), Dr Amy Slater, Professor Clare Wilkinson.

Lisa Mayne

Thesis title: Exploring factors that influence recruitment of underserved patient populations in clinical trials.

Supervisory team: Dr Mo Salehan (Director of Studies) and Dr Clare Wilkinson.

Jen Weston

Thesis title: Citizen science, biodiversity and urban environments: A quantitative and qualitative study on the inclusivity and representation in urban citizen science research.

Supervisory team: Dr Bethan Hindle (Director of Studies) and Dr Clare Wilkinson

Helen Whitfield-Williams

Thesis title: Understanding the role of clinical engineering: Workforce development and training.

Supervisory team: Dr Antony Hill (Director of Studies), Dr Clare Wilkinson.

Completed PhD students

Andy Ridgway (completed 2023)

Thesis title: Exploring how parents navigate and negotiate domestic food practices that have an influence on domestic food waste using online forums.

Supervisory team: Dr Katy Ling (Director of Studies), Dr Fiona Spotswood, Professor Alan Tapp, Dr Lucy Meredith

Achintya Rao (completed 2023)

Thesis title: Exploration of factors that shape attitudes towards outreach within the particle physics research community (funded by the CERN Doctoral Student Programme).

Supervisory team: Dr Emma Weitkamp (Director of Studies), Dr Clare Wilkinson, Dr Erik Stengler, Christine Sutton.

David Judge (completed 2022)

Thesis title: Re-thinking transformative visitor experience in a science exhibition: Implications for science communication theory and practice.

Supervisory team: Dr Clare Wilkinson (Director of Studies), Dr Emma Weitkamp.

Elena Milani (completed 2021)

Pedro Larfargue (completed 2020)

Thesis title: Advanced traceability technologies to improve the supply chain of the multibillion cocoa and chocolate industry.

Supervisory team: Dr Joel Allainguillaume (Director of Studies), Professor Dawn Arnold, Dr Emma Weitkamp.

Laura Fogg-Rogers (DPhil 2016-2018)

Wilasinee Tryiyarat (completed 2017)

Helen Featherstone (completed 2008)

Thesis title: Risk communication of climate change: Stakeholder objectives and public responses.

Supervisory team: Dr Emma Weitkamp (Director of Studies), Professor Frank Burnet, Dr Katy Ling.

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