Digital Cultures Research Centre (DCRC)

Creative interventions in the production of knowledge.


Located in the heart of Bristol, the Digital Cultures Research Centre (DCRC) is a loose-knit, collaborative and anti-disciplinary network of researchers distributed across UWE Bristol. While located principally in creative industries and cultural studies, DCRC members work within technology, architecture and social sciences, pursuing a dynamic research agenda driven by a mix of creative, applied and critical work, and an engagement with thinking through making. The Centre is also home to an expanding cohort of doctoral candidates and a range of visiting academics.

DCRC makes its home at the Pervasive Media Studio, as the strategic research partner of a unique and diverse community of artists, creative companies technologists and academics exploring experience design and creative technology.


Take a look at the breadth of DCRC's projects and events series which represent a part of our Research Centre’s ongoing activity. Members are involved in research collaborations and partnerships, working with national and international academic and industry partners and with a broad range of community, cultural and third sector organisations. The Centre also organises academic symposia, workshops and public events, with a particular focus on bringing research to curriculum development.

In a context of transforming media cultures and the digital shift, our work seeks to interrogate, articulate, intervene, make and create practical approaches to responsible technological futures. DCRC research creates new knowledge about creative media applications in real world contexts, and about everyday life in today’s digital media ecology.


Visit the DCRC website for more information on a wide range of DCRC projects and the latest news and information. You can also follow us on Twitter at @DCRCUK.


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