About the Science Communication Unit (SCU)

Find out about our vision and strategy.

The Science Communication Unit at UWE Bristol is internationally renowned for training science communicators and engaging the public with science.

Science Communication Unit Strategy

To achieve our vision, the SCU seeks to lead and partner innovative and exciting research and practical public engagement projects that have an impact on the research community, science communication practitioners, students and society. The Unit should be known for world-class teaching and learning that embeds best practice in science communication and engagement approaches and is informed by its own internationally-leading research. Based on our innovative approaches, the SCU will play a leadership role in the next generation of science practitioners creating change for the future, thereby closing the gap between science and society.

To achieve our vision, our strategy is divided into three themes: Our Purpose, Our People and Our Place.

Our Purpose

To build on our profile for internationally excellent work in science communication, we will:

  1. increase successful research bidding activity, including identifying new streams of research aligned to UWE Bristol beacons
  2. continue to increase the quality and international standing of SCU research
  3. develop interdisciplinary research partnerships
  4. promote innovative CPD offerings and experiences that cater to local and global needs
  5. promote outstanding research-embedded teaching and further develop our teaching partnerships.

Our People

To value, recognise and support our team achievements, we will:

  1. promote supportive and inclusive practices with our team
  2. encourage staff to proactively pursue their staff development
  3. continue to promote a PhD student culture within the Unit.

Our Place

To provide leadership and share our expertise in science communication and engagement, we will:

  1. plan conferences providing an opportunity to develop local networks, as well as further developing our national and international profile
  2. increase capacity within the SCU to allow greater networking within the wider university, local and global communities enabling the SCU to capitalise on a range of tendering and bidding opportunities
  3. achieve outstanding and far reaching science communication impact, working with a variety of stakeholders and communities, to embed knowledge exchange activities that enhance the policy- and practical-relevance of our work.

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