About the Science Communication Unit (SCU)

Find out about our vision and strategy.

The Science Communication Unit at UWE Bristol is internationally renowned for training science communicators and engaging the public with science.


Through our creative collaborations with researchers and practitioners, the Science Communication Unit (SCU) seeks to close the gap between science and society, thereby creating a situation where science is seen as part of the cultural fabric of society. Our work aims to empower individuals and society, to consider the role science has for them and the role they can have/play in science.


To achieve our vision, the SCU seeks to lead and partner innovative and exciting research and practical public engagement projects that have an impact on the research community, science communication practitioners and society. The Unit will be known for world-class teaching and learning that embeds best practice in science communication and engagement approaches and is informed by its own research.

Based on our innovative research and practice, the SCU will play a leadership role in the next generation of science communication projects creating change for the future, thereby closing the gap between science and society.