About the Bristol Photography Research Group (BPRG)

An introduction to our work.

The Bristol Photography Research Group is a multidisciplinary network dedicated to exploring a broad understanding of photographic practices and the complex role photography plays in contemporary society.

We are based in the College of Arts, Technology and Environment at UWE Bristol, though have a reach across all subject areas, including the physical and social sciences, linguistics, education, law, business and health. We work with our members to apply for funding, conducting both practice-based and written research projects, working with partner organisations to maximise knowledge bases and impact.


We hold conferences and talks, publish articles, release publications, and organise other events to communicate ideas exploring broad aspects of photographic discourse.

The broad goals of the group are to:

  • explore both the process and context of contemporary photography through our themes and activities
  • use practice-based research, underpinned with academic rigor, to develop our collective understanding around established themes
  • work towards tangible research outcomes that have a legacy
  • incorporate research into teaching practice; developing and informing the departments pedagogical approach
  • form links with other departments and faculties within UWE Bristol to establish cross-pollination of research practice
  • involve both staff and students in research projects; both from the Photography department and other disciplines.

We are enthusiastic to explore how photography has become part of the fabric of many facets of society, linking different experts together to see what new types of conversations happen. The ethos of these interactions is through a multidisciplinary methodology, meaning we are interested in how the experts bring their distinct subject knowledges to the table, and use the interactions to strengthen and develop new understandings of their subject areas as a result.


The Bristol Photography Research Group is convened by John House, Senior Lecturer in Photography; and Dr Amak Mahmoodian, Senior Lecturer in Photography.

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