Global and Transnational History Group (GTHG)

The Global and Transnational Group (GTHG) consists of historians conducting research across a broad geographic span, largely in the modern period, and within the orbit of two primary themes.

The themes represent established and emerging areas of research interest in the Department of Creative and Cultural Industries. The Group includes colleagues who teach in the Department, and doctoral and associate researchers.

Illustration of a three-dimensional Earth in a soft blue colour against a black background.

Transnational perspectives on people, places and power

This theme encompasses several intersecting areas of research exploring people, places, and power from a variety of transnational perspectives. 

Collective memory, imagined communities and public history

Research investigates several inter-related topics, particularly approaching historical problems related to modern conflicts and their legacy.

Membership and more information

Membership from across the University is welcomed. Details of the activities of the Group are advertised through the History blog.

For more information about the members, projects and activities of the Group, please email Dr Mike Richards at

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