Arts and Humanities Research Council Impact Acceleration Account

UWE Bristol was successful in receiving £447,451 in the first round of Impact Acceleration Account (IAA) awards from the Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC). There were only 32 universities awarded AHRC IAAs nationally and the scheme received the most applications of any IAA competition.

This IAA will allow UWE Bristol to support its arts and humanities and interdisciplinary researchers to respond to impact opportunities in a flexible, responsive and creative way.

The AHRC IAA aims to enhance the non-academic impact of arts and humanities research or from interdisciplinary research with an arts and humanities component.

UWE Bristol’s aims for Arts and Humanities impact

  • Support, strengthen and deepen engagement with non-academic partners (such as businesses, policy makers, third sector organisations).
  • Provide early-stage support for academics to translate their research into impact activities, including proof of concept, commercialisation, social enterprise and policy development.  
  • Support innovative and imaginative approaches to impact, enabling 'fast failure' and capturing learning. 
  • Develop the skills, capacity, capability and culture of knowledge exchange and impact within the University.
  • Support a diverse group of researchers to ensure a plurality of approaches and backgrounds are reflected, with inclusive and responsible practices embedded in all activities. 
  • Enrich UWE Bristol’s interdisciplinary research culture, within and beyond the university. 

Case studies 2022/23

Bristol Screen Summit

The creation of the Screen Summit was a key recommendation from the GO WEST! 2 Bristol's Film and Television Industries report (2022), produced by Professor Andrew Spicer and Associate Professor Steve Presence. The two-day screen summit welcomed 160 screen-industry professionals from the south-west and national organisations, including representatives from the BBC, ITV and Channel 4. The event provided a platform for practitioners to contribute towards the West of England Combined Authority feasibility study on a regional screen fund; it also galvanised the creation of a searchable and updatable regional map of film and TV companies.

Heritage conservation in Yemen

UWE Bristol Lecturer, Lisa Mol, ran a two-day workshop in Cairo, Egypt, with members of Heritage for Peace and the Yemeni Department of Antiquities to discuss the preservation of Al Quahira Castle in Taiz, Yemen, in the context of the current political conflict. Emergency funding to carry out repair work on the castle had been secured through the International Alliance for the Protection of Heritage in Conflict Areas (ALIPH, led by Heritage for Peace), but a more detailed discussion of methodologies and damage assessment was needed. At the workshop, Mol shared techniques to assess conflict damage to structures developed at UWE Bristol; these informed a plan of action to preserve the castle, not only during the emergency intervention but also for future conservation and for the monitoring of climate change impacts.

Supporting women with learning disabilities to make informed infant feeding choices

Building on an interdisciplinary research project between Associate Professor Clare Johnson (Art and Design) and UWE Bristol colleagues in Nursing and Midwifery, Johnson's AHRC IAA project created an accessible short film to support women with learning disabilities to make informed infant feeding decisions. The team worked with actors from Misfits, a Bristol theatre group led by people with learning difficulties, to produce the film, which has been distributed widely to health professionals and learning disability networks, including a screening at the Maternal and Infant Nutrition and Nurture Unit Conference (April 2023). The film had over 600 views within two months of its launch on YouTube, and has filled a gap in accessible information about infant feeding that meets the Equality Act 2010 and Information Standard. They are currently raising funds for the next stage of the project.

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