Creative industries and technologies

Creativity powers innovation, growth and human progress. Here at UWE Bristol we’re working with industry-leaders and with agile, leading-edge innovators to create new futures in everything from film and TV, animation and digital story-telling, games and virtual reality.

Our research strengths include:

  • creative industries and digital technologies
  • audiences of the future and immersive technologies
  • design, fabrication and print technologies.
Person using virtual reality (VR) device.
Students creating printworks

Transforming the print industry

Our expert printmakers and digital specialists are helping to craft the future of print for artists and commercial producers.

Houses in the Clifton area of Bristol.

Resurrecting Angela Carter’s Bristol connection

The life and work of one of the 21st century’s most canonical writers have been reconnected to the city of Bristol, amplifying the city’s cultural kudos.

Protesters holding placards.

Global boost for alternative film culture

Activists, artists, filmmakers and exhibitors have joined forces as part of the world’s largest alternative film network.

A close up of the front of a page in a book.

Art books

Once the preserve of a niche audience, artists’ books have been reframed as a widely accessible art form, connecting artists with fans and collectors.

Students filming in Bristol city centre

City of Film

Our research and our support of Bristol's film industry has led to the city being awarded UNESCO City of Film status.

Redesigned toys on a table at a childrens event

Collaboration boosts creativity

Inspired by us, dozens of companies, freelancers and cultural organisations have reaped the benefits of collaborative working methods, attracting multi-million pound investments in the process.

Young woman with pink hair working on a painting while sitting in a wheelchair.

Creative ecologies

We are proud to be part of the South West Creative Technology Network and involved in coming up with creative, sustainable solutions to today’s problems.

Children sat in a circle while an adult reads to them.

Critical literacy

Schools across the UK have had their minds opened to the subtle ideologies contained in children’s literature, encouraging a more critical perspective.

Person holding a box and a paper map.

History retold

Traditional top-down approaches to heritage interpretation have been flipped on their head by UWE Bristol experts.

Machinery used in the printing process.

Novel print processes

From wearable technology that will give people the power to monitor their health, to futuristic composite materials that will make transport more environmentally sustainable, researchers at UWE Bristol are on the case.

The exterior of Shire Hall in Bristol.

Shifting perceptions of criminal justice

Public engagement in the criminal justice system has been enhanced by our work, thanks to an innovative and digitised approach to capturing the history of the UK’s courthouses.

Graduating students throwing caps in the air.

Social mobility

University students from working-class backgrounds stand a better chance of accessing academic and job opportunities, after research exposed the inequities holding them back.

Person sketching in the city

Uplifting visual storytellers

In an era of fake news and disposable media, visual reportage has an increasingly influential role to play, as proven by an award-winning UWE Bristol artist.

Young developer working on laptop and virtual reality glasses.

Virtual realities

Our researchers are helping to steer the emerging field of virtual reality and the critical questions asked around power, responsibility and creative potential in a positive direction.

Person testing music gloves in a studio.

Wearable technology

Our collaboration with some of the world’s leading musicians is combining artificial intelligence and human motion for a unique take on musical gloves as wearable technology.

Discussion between a man and women looking at a tablet.

Professional mentoring scheme designed by women, for women

We have designed a pioneering mentoring scheme which has attracted the support of more than 400 mentors and mentees along with a number of organisations across the UK's aviation and aerospace industry.

3D printing of ceramics

3D printing of ceramics

UWE Bristol's innovative ceramic 3D printing material has helped ceramic tableware companies improve their industrial processes.

Community local news

Community local news

UWE Bristol research has informed the BBC and community groups in working together to widen the range of voices in local news.

Engagement with education

Improving young people's engagement with education

Research at UWE Bristol has stimulated new partnerships between universities, colleges and schools.

Next generation flight design

Next generation flight design

'Onto REM' combines cutting edge requirements alongside project and business timelines, shaping the next generation of aircraft.

Children's literature

Promoting children's literature

UWE Bristol research has had a major influence on the teaching, reading and writing of children’s literature, at home and abroad.


What graduates do we need

Researchers from UWE Bristol collaborated to create a classification scheme to analyse graduate employment.

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