To support the UK Government in managing the response to the Covid 19 pandemic, a number of emergency facilities have been created to support the increasing number of people who will need access to intensive care beds and ventilators across the UK.

We can announce that the Exhibition and Conference Centre on Frenchay Campus will be converted into an intensive care facility for around 300 patients. It's fantastic that we're able to offer our facilities to help the NHS and support the local community and wider region at this exceptionally challenging time.

This temporary facility has the potential to save many lives and play a vitally important role in limiting the impact of coronavirus in the South West. It will be used well into the summer and then be returned to us, ready for the next academic year.

If you're still living on Frenchay Campus, we'll send you a more detailed email this week about what this might mean to you - though rest assured we will keep disruption to a minimum. The ECC is located away from the main student areas and will be secured to ensure your safety.

More information is available on our Press Release.

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