Drugs and alcohol

Support and information around drugs including alcohol.

UWE Bristol does not condone or condemn the use of drugs including alcohol; we are focused on providing students with the knowledge to be safe and feel supported. We operate a policy of harm reduction that prioritises the welfare and wellbeing of our students and wider community.

We believe that a harm reduction approach is in the best interests of our student community and as an institution as it aims to reduce the negative health, social and legal impacts associated with drug use and minimise barriers to accessing support.

We do this by offering UWE Bristol’s Drugs and Alcohol Service to students who would like to discuss their substance use with a professional.

Drugs and Alcohol Service

Our Drugs and Alcohol Service can provide advice, information and support to students who use drugs including alcohol. We offer three support options. 

Harm reduction intervention    

One 1-to-1 appointment. These sessions are educational and focus on how to reduce harm associated with substance use. They are an opportunity to ask questions and explore evidence-based advice and information. These conversations can be about your own or someone else's substance use.

Goal setting   

Six 1-to-1 appointments. These sessions can be used to help you change your relationship with substances. We can support you to take control by reducing, taking a break or stopping completely.

Relapse prevention 

Three 1-to-1 appointments. Some students will have decided they no longer want a relationship with drugs or alcohol. For some people stopping is the easy bit but having the tools to maintain this whilst at university can require extra support.

How to book

To book an appointment, you can complete a self-referral form.

Complete self-referral form

Which session is right for me? 

These options will be discussed with you at your first appointment. You don’t need to decide what kind of support you need before speaking to the practitioner, you will explore this together.

There may be circumstances where UWE Bristol’s drug and alcohol support isn't appropriate and we will support you to access community drug and alcohol services such as Bristol Drugs Project or Developing Health and Independence.

Research the risk, reduce the harm

We also aim to reduce the harm of alcohol and drug use by providing students with the knowledge resources to inform their decisions, stay safe and access additional support.

UWE Bristol Policies


External support

Dangerous drug alerts

Serious concerns

If someone is at immediate risk of serious harm, call 999.

If you have a serious concern about your own or another student’s welfare, please contact the UWE Bristol Serious Concerns Line.

Serious concerns
People working in Onezone on Frenchay Campus.

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