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Invest in your mental health by developing your resilience.

Resilient U PAL workshops

Our online peer-led Resilient U Peer Assisted Learning (PAL) workshops are open to all students across the University. Often referred to as bounce-back-ability, resilience is what gives us our strength to manage uncertainty and adversity in our lives, and the anxiety that can come about as a result. It is also about enhancing performance by using resilience tools and techniques to get better at what you do in terms of study or in your personal life.

Developing your resilience is an investment into your own personal wellbeing and the more resilient you become the more control you will have over your life choices and how you respond to the challenges you encounter.

"Thank you for the session. It made me feel normal because everyone struggles sometimes."

Student, UWE Bristol

Student UWE Bristol

What happens in a workshop

These student-led, interactive workshops will enable you to explore the skills needed for resilience and self-empowerment so that you are more able to tackle the challenges that come your way. This, in turn, should allow you to build the confidence you need to succeed at university, in your future career and in personal life.

When you attend you’ll be introduced to the seven skills of resilience and how to apply them in your day-to-day life.

The workshops are set up to allow you to talk about how to apply the skills of resilience without the need to share your own personal story. This is achieved through the use of a case study which demonstrates how resilience could be used effectively.

By engaging with the series of workshops, you will

  • recognise the importance of resilience
  • understand your levels of resilience
  • know how to develop your resilience
  • be equipped with strategies to better manage anxiety and pressure.

What happens at a workshop

Watch our video playlist about emotional resilience to learn more about the workshops.

Why attend?

Throughout your time at university you’ll face many challenges – from transitioning into university, independent living, meeting new people, managing your studies, delivering presentations, taking exams as well as juggling your social/work life. All of this can prove to be very challenging and can undermine your ability to cope.

Our workshops have been designed to help you more effectively manage the challenges that you may face and should serve to support the development of your personal resilience and coping strategies. They’re interactive and discussion-based so you don’t need to know anything about resilience before attending. Attending a workshop should give you the skills and knowledge you need to start the process of making positive changes to your life.

To date, 75% of attendees at a Resilient U session gave a rating of 4/5 or 5/5.

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You can find all the Resilient U workshops through InfoHub. Please note you’ll have to log in to InfoHub to book your place on a workshop.

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