Science laboratories at UWE Bristol

Hone your scientific skills working with the very latest technology in recently refurbished science labs. You'll get hands-on with the latest equipment and gather the practical experience you need for a successful scientific career.

What's waiting for you?

A practical scientific experience to put you ahead

Our Applied Sciences courses have an emphasis on practical laboratory and field experience. That's good news after graduation: you'll go into the workplace confident in your skills and ready to hit the ground running.

Step into the Lab Zone

Our 'Lab Zone' is made up of a connected series of research labs and teaching spaces, and is home to over 1,000 undergraduate and post-graduate students. Our fantastic facilities were refurbished in 2019, and include labs for every kind of investigation. You'll find:

Bioscience facilities image gallery

Biomedical and Biological Sciences

These facilities support teaching on our Biosciences courses and the work of our Centre for Research in Biosciences.

Biomedical and Biological Sciences facilities

Microbiology labs

  • Low light/photon cameras
  • Tissue culture and molecular biology equipment for microbiology (separate to avoid cross contamination with others using same techniques)
  • Luminometers
  • Tecan plate reader
  • Anaerobic cabinet 
  • Chemostats and stomachers
  • CDC reactors for biofilm work
  • Access to the API database

Molecular biology labs

Fully fitted labs that include:

  • confocal microscopes
  • tissue culture facilities
  • rotor genes
  • seahorse
  • ultracentrifugation.

Clinical studies facility

  • SIFT-MS gas analysis
  • dedicated space for taking samples from human participants

Bioinformatics facility

  • Dedicated space for bioinformatics and big data analysis (2B051)
  • Dedicated Linux server (64 processor cores and 256 Gb of RAM)
  • 12 dual screen Linux workstations running Ubuntu 18.04

Electron Microscope facility

  • TEM: a Phillips CM10 transmission electron microscope (TEM) with a Gatan Orius SC1000 CCD camera
  • SEM: a FEI Quanta 650 field emission scanning electron microscope (SEM) fitted with an Oxford Aztec energy dispersive X-ray microanalysis system
  • two Reichert-Jung Ultracut S ultramicrotomes for producing ultrathin sections for TEM
  • Emscope SC500 sputter coating unit for coating samples with gold to make them conductive for SEM

Other specialist resources

  • In Vitro Toxicology laboratory
  • Physiology laboratory
  • Plant and Microbial Research laboratory
  • Bioluminescence room
  • Centre for Research in Biosciences (CRIB)
  • Nuclear Suite

Simulation House image gallery

Forensics and Analytical Chemistry

These facilities support teaching on our Forensic Science courses. 

Forensics and Analytical Chemistry facilities

Labs and suites

  • Electrochemical Sensors laboratory
  • Sensors laboratory
  • Volatile analysis laboratory
  • Centre for Research in Analytical Materials and Sensor Science (CRAMSS)
  • Screen-printing room

Specialist resources

  • Biosensor printing
  • Chemistry instrumentation
  • Cyanoacrylate fuming
  • Electron Microscope Unit
  • Handheld Raman
  • Fingerprint scanner
  • Fluorimeter
  • Glass refractive index measurement (GRIM)
  • High-magnification comparison microscope
  • Low-magnification comparison microscope
  • Polarising light microscope
  • Potentiostat
  • Scannning UV/Vis spectrophotometer
  • Vacuum metal deposition (VMD)
  • Video spectral comparator (VSC)
  • Vis microspectrophotometer (MSP)

Crime scene facilities

  • Simulation house – A dedicated house, garage and garden where crime scenes can be simulated

Environmental Science and Conservation

These facilities support teaching on our Environmental Science courses.

Environmental Science and Conservation facilities

Labs and specialist resources

  • Air Quality Management Resource Centre (AQMRC)
  • Environmental Field Centre
  • Environmental laboratories with:     
    • growth cabinets for plants
    • growth facilities for algae and C. elegans.
  • Envirotron greenhouse – Allows dedicated growth conditions in different sections
  • Molecular Biology and Post-Genomic Science
  • Bristol Genomics Research Institute (BGRI)
  • Plant and Bacteria Molecular Biology laboratory

Field work facilities

  • Both rotary and fixed-wing drones
  • Soil gas sensors
  • Bat detectors

Envirotron image gallery

Science Communication

These facilities support teaching on MSc Science Communication, continuing professional development modules in science communication and a number of undergraduate programmes including, BSc(Hons) Wildlife Ecology and Conservation Science.

Science Communication facilities

In-house resources

The Science Communication Unit has its own facilities, or access to spaces on campus for recording, filming and producing content:

  • Portable recorders
  • Camera equipment
  • Adobe software, including InDesign and the video editing software Premiere Pro

Facilities supporting students undertaking science communication research and evaluation:

  • Relevant IT packages (eg Qualtrics)
  • Transcribing equipment

External facilities

The Science Communication Unit also has many collaborations with organisations where specialist equipment is available, or field trips may take place.

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