Forensic Science

Discover how science is used to unravel the mysteries of a crime scene. You'll learn how to find, interpret and present evidence in a variety of realistic scenarios, including a mock courtroom and specially-designed crime scenes. Set yourself up for a fascinating career in the justice system and beyond.

Crime scene

Simulation House lets you investigate a typical crime scene in a safe real-life environment.

Student Leah smiles in a science lab

"The on-campus lab training was an excellent opportunity to experience the forensic process first hand: everything I learned on my course has been important in ensuring good lab practice in the workplace."

Leah, BSc(Hons) Forensic Science

Leah BSc(Hons) Forensic Science

Foundation Forensic Science courses (2024/25 entry)

Undergraduate Forensic Science courses (2024/25 entry)

Postgraduate Forensic Science courses (2024/25 entry)

Professional development Forensic Science courses

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