Planning facilities

Maximise your potential by accessing wide-ranging resources and industry-standard equipment.

You will be studying in a thriving, diverse, changing, and growing city, with all the inspiring practical and real-life challenges that come with it.

What's waiting for you?

Specialist facilities

  • Computer laboratories equipped with the latest professional software, including Geographic Information Systems (GIS). GIS combines, collects, stores, analyses and presents geographical data.
  • Free access to the latest professional software on your own computer via AppsAnywhere. Available software includes that provided by Microsoft (including Office 365 and programmes like Project and Visio) and Adobe (Creative Cloud), together with other key support packages such as Arc GiS, Esri City Engine, Minitab, NVIVO, SketchUP, and SPSS.
  • Video and editing facilities, sound recording facilities and a photographic and digital imaging service. A graphics service offering industry-standard equipment and software for producing research publications, displays, illustrations and posters. Model making facilities also exist.

Technology-assisted learning

  • Through our teaching, we make full use of the University’s virtual learning environments.
  • Our online spaces and resources allow you to access a wide-range of learning materials, enabling you to download teaching resources, listen to webinars and watch videoed talks, and participate in discussion boards, live online debates, and interactive polling.
  • You can also interact with your tutors and peers remotely, for group working, support, and guidance. Collectively these resources provide opportunities for flexible, supported, self-paced independent learning.

In the library and on campus

  • Frenchay Campus library has a huge range of resources:
    • All of our modules have their own digital and interactive reading lists that will allow you to get hold of essential and further reading material online, 24/7.
    • A range of interactive databases give access to the latest planning, property, design, and legal news and information.
    • Digimap allows you to use current and historic digital mapping and aerial photography for project work.
  • The Hive social learning areas provide a mix of computer stations, flexible desk-space, and dedicated group-work booths and rooms.
  • IT support, both for using the university's facilities and for using university-licensed software on your own computer.

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