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Entry requirements - Taiwan

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The experienced UWE Bristol International team will be happy to give you advice on the suitability of your qualifications for your chosen course.

Qualifications listed under each heading may satisfy UWE Bristol entry requirements to that level of study. This is not a guarantee of an offer of a place, which is at the University’s discretion.

Entry onto foundation courses

If you do not meet the requirements for our Art and Design undergraduate degree courses, you may be considered for a foundation degree. You can find more information on the creative industries foundation courses available.

If you do not meet the requirements for our other undergraduate degree courses, you may be considered for a foundation or international year one course at our International College.

Upon successful completion, these courses offer guaranteed entry onto a UWE Bristol undergraduate degree course.

Entry onto undergraduate courses

If you have achieved the following, your application can be considered for the first year of a bachelor's degree:

  • completion of Junior College Diploma with a score of at least 65%
  • completion of an associate degree with a score of at least 65%.

Advanced entry onto a bachelor's degree can be possible in some cases with the following:

  • completion of an Junior College Diploma with high marks and compatible curriculum could be given entry 
    to 2nd or 3rd year- must have at least 70% in each subject
  • completion of Junior College Diploma with relevant working experience and high marks could be given entry to Postgraduate 
    programme- must have at least 80% in each subject

The requirements listed above are the minimum requirements for entrance to UWE Bristol; competitive courses may have higher requirements.

Entry onto postgraduate courses

Applicants with the following qualifications would be considered for entry to UWE Bristol’s master's courses:

  • a bachelor's degree with a score of 70% ( GPA 2.7/4.0) for entry on a master's programme. Applications may be 
    considered with a score of less than 70% where relevant experience can be demonstrated.

Holders of a master's degree will be considered for doctoral (PhD) study.

Please note: Where UWE Bristol has an academic agreement in place with an institution, greater flexibility in entry requirements for undergraduate and postgraduate courses may apply as outlined in those agreements.

English language requirements

To study at UWE Bristol you must demonstrate that your English level is high enough for university study. We accept a number of different Secure English Language Tests (SELT) for entry onto our degree courses, with IELTS being the most common. English language requirements vary slightly from subject to subject.

Please see a list of other acceptable English language qualifications.

What to do if you don't meet our entry requirements

If you do not quite meet our entry requirements, our International College offers a range of university preparation courses to teach you all you need to progress to UWE Bristol. We also have a pre-sessional English language course to get your English skills up to the standard required for entry to UWE Bristol.


Country managers

For UWE Bristol enquiries, please contact our expert:

Dr. Peter Chen
Head of Academic and Partnership
Based in Taiwan

Contact us

Country representatives

Below you will find the contact details for our representatives in your country. They can provide you with further information and assist with the submission of your application to UWE Bristol. They can also offer advice on visas, accommodation, scholarships, travel and more.

Representative name Contact details
A-Studio Consulting Co.
12F No.40 Changchun Road
Taipei City
Taipei City
Contact: Ms Annie Chen
Telephone: +886 2 25683328
Email: annie@a-studioco.com
CourseApp Global Education Group
4F.-1, No.406, Sec. 2,
Taiwan Blvd., 
West District, 
Taichung City, 
Contact: Debby
Mobile: +886-987758590
Email: debby@course-app.com
Gostudy Education Institute Ltd.
No. 224, Dongmen Road
Section 2
Tainan City 701
Contact: Pam Wu
Telephone: +886 6 336 2561
Email: tainan@go-study.com.tw
Index Education Consultants
6F, No. 42, Chong Ming South Road,
Taichung City
Contact: Niky Tsai
Telephone: +886 4 2319 8148
Email: niky@indexedu.com.tw
Jingham International Education Consulting Institute
3F., No. 149-3, Changchuen Rd
Taipei 104
Contact: Daphne lin
Telephone: +886-2-2531-1458/2541-9797
Email: service@jingham.com.tw

LTU Education Center
5F, No. 65
Sec 2, Chi-Yuan Rd
Peitou Dist
Taipei City

Contact: Peter Chen
Telephone: +886-912500077
Email: Peter.Chen@uwe.ac.uk
OH! Study Education Centre
16F-2, #2, Chung Cheng 3rd Road
Kaohsiung 80052
Contact: Jessie Wu
Telephone: 886-7-238-3636
Email: Jessie.wu@ohstudy.net
OH! Study Education Centre
26F-3, No.185 Chung Kang Rd., Sec 1
Taiwan 40308
Taichung City
Contact: Fay Lin
Telephone: +886 4 23198878
Email: fay.lin@ohstudy.net
OH! Study Education Centre
4F, 109, Ren Ai Rd., Sec. 4
Taipei 106
Contact: Jocelyn Wu
Telephone: +886 2 27511919
Email: Jocelyn.wu@ohstudy.net
Oxbridge Holdings Inc
7F., No.22, Sec. 1,
Meicun Rd., 
West Dist.,
Taichung City 403,
Contact:  Claire
Telephone: +886 4 2328 0806
Email: claire@oxbridge.com.tw
Oxbridge Holdings Inc
5F., No. 169,
Zhongxiao E. Rd., 
Sec. 4,
Taipei 10690
Contact:  Tina
Telephone: +886 2 2779 0801
Email: tina@oxbridge.com.tw
7F-2, No. 38 Pei-Ta Road
Hsinchu 300
Contact: Joy Murray-Nobbs
Telephone: +886 3 5316441
Email: hsinchu@ukeas.com

2F-2 , No 139 Zhongzheng 2nd Rd
Kaohsiung 800

Contact: Paul Ryan
Telephone: 886-7-223-8800
Email: kaohsiung@ukeas.com
UKEAS Taiwan
No.61-9, Yi 1st Rd., Jhongjheng District
Keelung 202
Contact: Nick Dillon
Telephone: +886 02 2424 1973
Email: keelung@ukeas.com
UKEAS Taiwan
4F-9, No. 378 Wenhsin Road, Section 1
Taichung 408
Contact: Sean Jones
Telephone: +886 4 2328 5946
Email: taichung@ukeas.com
UKEAS Taiwan
5F-1, No. 88 Chung Shan Road
Tainan 700
Contact: Tim Greenwood
Telephone: +886 6 2224790
Email: tainan@ukeas.com
UKEAS Taiwan
3F, No. 121 Chungching South Road, Sec. 1
Taipei 100
Contact: Jenny Lin
Telephone: +886 2 2370 9780
Email: taipei@ukeas.com
UKEAS Taiwan
5F-6, No 11 Da Tong Road
Taoyuan 330
Contact: Joy Luo
Telephone: +886 3 338 4716
Email: taoyuan@ukeas.com

International scholarships

Every year we offer a large number of scholarships to international students. Take a look at the full list of UWE Bristol International scholarships to find out more.

You may also want to consider other scholarships available from organisations independent of UWE Bristol.