Sustainability-related research and partnerships

UWE Bristol is contributing to a sustainable and healthy future through applied research and collaborations with organisations and communities, encompassing social, economic and environmental sustainability, for example behaviour change, green technologies and product design.

Research and knowledge exchange

UWE Bristol’s research and knowledge exchange activities address many of the urgent challenges relating to sustainability. 

Sustainability and climate change resilience is one of our four Research Beacons outlined in our Transforming Futures Research Strategy, highlighting our commitment to world-leading research with real-world impact on this topic. 

UWE Bristol was also among the first organisations to sign up to the Concordat for the Environmental Sustainability of Research and Innovation Practice. The Concordat is a voluntary agreement to embed environmental sustainability into research and innovation practices. 

Examples of our research projects

Reading for the Climate

This project developed and explored how a facilitated climate book club was experienced by undergraduates, and how it affected engagement and understanding of climate crisis.

Reading for the Climate

MAKERS (Making and Knowledge Exchange for Repair and Sustainability)

This project is enhancing belonging among diverse engineering students through sustainability and repair activities.


ECWAL study (Exploring Climate emergency Wellbeing and Awareness in Learning Disability service users)

This study is using art, music and performance to explore learning disability service user emotional experiences of climate change.

MultiCAV Autonomous Bus Services

This project evaluated one of the world’s first autonomous buses running in service.


Freezing Global Warming

This project explores preventing the carbon stored in timber from re-entering the atmosphere by storing it in frozen seawater as an affordable way of reversing climate change.

Freezing Global Warming

Science Hunters: Engineering for sustainable societies

This project explores engineering in sustainable development, supporting children to apply knowledge by creating their own model sustainable solutions and communities in Minecraft.

Science Hunters

Other research projects

These are just a selection of UWE Bristol research projects related to the areas of sustainability, health and environment.

View our other research projects

You can also visit UWE Bristol's Research Repository to explore our publications and presentations relating to the broad university engagement with sustainability.

Sustainability in our research portfolio

Researchers across UWE Bristol investigate solutions to sustainability challenges.

We have several centres of research excellence and research groups that focus on the topic of sustainability from many different disciplines and perspectives. Examples include:

All research centres and groups
Wide upward angle shot of a tree surrounded by tall white buildings with the sun shining through the leaves.

Centre for Sustainable Planning and Environments (SPE)

Exploring how to achieve healthy, resilient, sustainable and smart places, in the context of climate and ecological emergencies.

View of Bristol Cathedral with pedestrians and a First bus on the UWE Frenchay route in the foreground. There are trees and a bike park.

Centre for Transport and Society (CTS)

Exploring the interactions between mobility, accessibility, lifestyles and society linked to the transport sector, with relevance to climate change and just transition.

Upward angled shot on a contemporary skyscraper building on the left with a construction crane on the right of the image.

Centre for Architecture and Built Environment Research (CABER)

Exploring sustainability and the built environment through the inter-related stages of building design and construction, occupation, and life cycle analysis.

Image of a busy multi-lane road with lots of cars in busy traffic surrounded by smog or polluted air.

Air Quality Management Resource Centre (AQMRC)

Undertaking research around air quality and carbon management.

Aerial shot of a flooded village surrounded by a green field.

Centre for Water, Communities and Resilience (CWCR)

Exploring concerning different aspects of water risk, security and development of resilient communities.

A teal hexagonal image of various items such ass beaker, magnifying glass, light bulb, test tubes , microscope and more against a light blue background.

Centre for Research in Biosciences (CRIB)

Exploring emerging technology to solve ecological and environmental issues, as well as studying agricultural food and water systems.

A glass globe cupped in hands against a blurred green grass background.

Environmental Law and Sustainability Research Group (ELSRG)

Exploring innovative and practical law and policy solutions relating to environment, sustainability and natural resources.

The above is just a selection of UWE Bristol’s research centres and groups that are exploring topics related to sustainability.

In addition, our Changing Climate Network draws together UWE Bristol staff with interests that converge on the causes and consequences of climate change, encouraging cross-disciplinary collaborations and supports funding bids for related research.

For more information, please email Dr Lindsay Walker, Bid Developer for STEM and Environment), Research, Business and Innovation (RBI):

Bristol Climate and Nature Partnership

The University has made a significant commitment over the years to the Bristol Climate and Nature Partnership, a unique network of over 1,000 organisations united by one vision: a zero-carbon, nature-rich, socially just future for our city.

Formerly known as Bristol Green Capital, we were a strategic partner and strong supporter of the organisation during the European Green Capital year in 2015.

Professor James Longhurst, Emeritus Professor and former Assistant Vice-Chancellor for Environment and Sustainability, and Matthew Jones, Dean and Head of School of Architecture and Environment, are currently board members.

Bus and bikes in Bristol

Work with us

Working with business, public bodies and the third sector to support the creation of a sustainable, low carbon and healthy future is core to the ethos of the University. Please contact us if you would like to find out more about research, consultancy or continuing professional development opportunities within the fields of sustainability, health and environment.

If you would like to discuss our research and partnerships, please contact Dr Lindsay Walker, Bid Developer for STEM and Environment, Research, Business and Innovation (RBI):

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