Supporting sustainable development through research

UWE Bristol is contributing to a sustainable and healthy future through applied research and collaborations with organisations and communities, encompassing social, economic and environmental sustainability, for example behaviour change, green technologies and product design.

Research and knowledge exchange

UWE Bristol’s research and knowledge exchange activities support the goal of sustainable development and address many of the urgent challenges associated with this agenda.

Pee Power

Watch our film about the application of the environmentally-friendly Pee Power system in Africa. Pee Power uses innovative technology developed here at UWE Bristol.

Examples of our research projects

Pee Power

Technology developed at UWE Bristol that converts urine into electricity is now being used commercially across the globe, from Glastonbury festival to schools in Uganda.

A new framework for delivering high-quality green infrastructure

Researchers have developed a framework for green infrastructure through a collaborative project with Gloucestershire Wildlife Trust. This framework underpins 'Building with Nature', a new benchmark for eco-friendly development projects, and provides a starting point for planning green infrastructure.

Closing the net on overfishing

Research at UWE Bristol has been instrumental in major initiatives to tackle overfishing. These initiatives have been effective both in the UK's own coastal waters and elsewhere, and include the establishment of the world's largest marine reserve.

Shaping sustainable suburbs

Suburbs account for a huge proportion of homes, but until recently their relationship with the environment had attracted little research. A team at UWE Bristol have taken an in-depth look at the risks suburbs face, joining forces with residents to test ideas and create change.

Improving the quality of the air we breathe

UWE Bristol research findings on the management of air quality have informed policy, official guidance and practice at the UK Government level, as well as in its devolved nations and regions. The findings have also directly influenced policy in the EU, South Africa and Nigeria.

Other research projects

These are just a selection of UWE Bristol research projects related to the areas of sustainability, health and environment. You can also visit UWE Bristol's Research Repository to explore our publications and presentations relating to the broad university engagement with sustainability.

Take a look at our other research projects

Sustainability in our research portfolio

Researchers across UWE Bristol investigate solutions to sustainability challenges. They work within numerous research groups, clusters and centres, including:

In addition in a new all UWE Bristol initiative in 2020, our Research, Business and Innovation Service set up the Changing Climate Network. This aims to draw together UWE Bristol staff with interests that converge on the causes and consequences of climate change, encourage cross-disciplinary collaborations and support funding bids for related research. For more information please email Olivia Lelong at

Bristol Green Capital

The University has made a significant commitment over the years to the Bristol Green Capital, a unique partnership of over 950+ member organisations who have committed to working towards Bristol becoming a sustainable city with a high-quality of life for all.

We were a strategic partner and strong supporter during the European Green Capital year, and ran numerous events and activities on and off campus. Staff and students involved in the UWE Bristol Change Makers award contributed over 60,000 hours of their time to sustainable activities, such as concerts and art exhibitions, beach cleans and a beehive on campus.

More recently, we were involved in the development of the partnership into a Community Interest Company and Professor James Longhurst, Assistant Vice-Chancellor for Environment and Sustainability, is currently a board member.

Bus and bikes in Bristol

Work with us

Working with business, public bodies and the third sector to support the creation of a sustainable, low carbon and healthy future is core to the ethos of the University. Please contact us if you would like to find out more about research, consultancy or continuing professional development opportunities within the fields of sustainability, health and environment.

If you would like to discuss our research and partnerships, please contact Phillipa Shelton, Research Team Manager, RBI Research and Business Development:

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