Equality and diversity data

We are very keen to work with as much useful equality and diversity data as we can access.

How we use the data

The University uses equality and diversity data to:

  • monitor and evaluate impact of the Single Equality Scheme (SES)
  • inform and guide equality assessment
  • shape our recruitment practice of staff and students
  • inform any intervention designed to address inequality with regard to performance or experience.
Students sat smiling and facing each other.

Student and staff data reports

Given the responsibility for equality data crossing many public bodies, it is very challenging to establish an agreed way of using it. However, at UWE Bristol, we have established a consistency of methods, concepts and classifications in the collection and presentation of equality statistics. 


Student compendiums provide statistical data on our students and are published every year in January. The student compendium specifically compares data from students with different protected characteristics, eg between disabled and non-disabled students. This data is taken from a number of sources, including data compiled for the Higher Education Statistical Agency (HESA), and we use the Student Satisfaction Survey, the Student Experience Survey and complaints data.

The data is communicated internally and is used to identify trends and influence how we support our students. The monitoring of this information enables us to check that our services and policies meet the needs of all our students.


Other information sources

It is important to understand this data within its sectorial and regional context. Our main sources of information will be: