Make my work open access

How to make research publications open access. Information on the paid (gold) and free (green) routes to open access.

There are two routes to making your research publications open access:

  • the gold route is via the journal website
  • the green route is via an institutional research repository

Take a look at the Benefits of open access - Green and Gold routes to publication (PDF).

Choose your route

Gold route - publish on the journal website

The gold option allows open access to the published paper via the journal's own website at the time of online publication. This either involves a one-off charge (an article-processing charge), or taking advantage of one of the deals listed below.

Please note that there is no central fund to support article processing charges (APCs).

Publisher-specific deals on gold open access

UWE Bristol authors are able to take advantage of a number of publisher deals, listed below. You will need to be the corresponding author, and identify UWE Bristol as your affiliated institution when submitting your journal article.

For a fully up-to-date list of all current deals please see our Open Access reading list, or contact the Library Research team for more information.

  • American Chemical Society a limited number of articles can be made open access for free.
  • BMJ articles can be made open access for free, but is limited to specific funders.
  • Cambridge University Press (CUP) most articles can be made open access for free.
  • Frontiers have a prepayment deal, which includes a 10% discount, available to UKRI funded authors.
  • MDPI provide a 10% discount on APCs where no other discount has been applied.
  • Open Library of the Humanities offers UWE Bristol authors free open access publishing in their hosted journals.
  • Oxford University Press (OUP) articles can be made open access for free.
  • Sage - many journals (not all titles), as listed in the SAGE Choice Scheme, can be made open access for free.
  • Springer - many journals (not all titles), as linked to from the Springer Open Choice webpage, can be made open access for free.
  • Taylor & Francis - Open Select journals (not all titles) can be made open access for free.
  • Wiley articles can be made open access for free, although this is sometimes limited to specific funders.

The details of these APC payment deals vary from publisher to publisher. Please contact the Library Research team for a list of open-access journals you can publish in for free, or for more information. If none of these deals are suitable, you may be able to apply for funding if you are a Research Council (UKRI) grant holder, or are a member of FET.

Apply for funding

Before submitting a journal article or conference paper for publication, ensure funds are available, either from your grant, your faculty or the library if you are RCUK funded.

If you are a Research Council (UKRI) grant holder, or are a member of FET, you can apply for funding by completing the APC payment application form (DOC). Please submit the form to Library Research Support at for approval. Applications to all funds should be made by the corresponding UWE Bristol author prior to submission of the article.

The policy for UKRI block grant applications:

Please contact for advice on how to proceed before submission.

There is a limited amount of funding available for articles resulting from UKRI-funded projects. Funds are usually only available for UKRI-funded publications which meet the following criteria:

  1. The article is to be published in a pure Gold Open Access journal (i.e. the journal does not charge a subscription fee and is freely available online to all) and is listed in the DOAJ (Directory of Open Access Journals)


  1. The Article Processing Charge (Open Access fee) is less than £750 (excluding VAT, and once any publisher discounts/vouchers have been applied).

If you wish to make your work fully open access, please complete the application form and email

The policy for the FET open-access fund

An application should be made by the corresponding UWE Bristol author prior to submission of the article. Having an article accepted for publication in an open-access journal is not sufficient reason that the APC should be paid. Authors will need to supply a copy of their article for review. Final judgement of applications will be made by the Associate Dean and Director of Research using the following criteria:

  • Is the article a high quality contribution to knowledge?
  • Is there a potential UWE Bristol impact case study to which the availability of knowledge in the article could contribute?
  • Is there a significant likelihood that timely availability of the article in open-access form could help advance towards and realise (further) impact?

Full details of the scheme are available to download: FET open access APC scheme criteria (PDF).

Green route - use the UWE Bristol Repository

The green option allows you to publish the version of the research paper that was accepted for publication, via the UWE Bristol Research Repository, either immediately or after a specified embargo period.

Unless you have funding from UKRI, or are taking advantage of one of the publisher-specific deals, you are encouraged to choose the green open-access option as there is no central fund to support article-processing charges.

The green route also facilitates compliance with Research England's policy for REF 2021.

See the UWE Bristol Research Repository for more information on how to deposit your research.

Open access routes

A brief introduction to open access publication explaining the difference between traditional and open access routes to publication, and some of the benefits of publishing open access.