LinkedIn Learning

A vast library of high quality, current, and engaging video tutorials.

LinkedIn Learning has thousands of online training videos for software, design, and business skills. LinkedIn Learning is a vast library of high quality, current, and engaging video tutorials.

Connect to LinkedIn Learning

Mobile devices: You can download the LinkedIn app for Apple iOS or Android devices to watch training videos offline and on the move.

Guide to LinkedIn Learning

What is LinkedIn Learning?

LinkedIn Learning is a company that offers online training for software, design, and business skills. LinkedIn Learning is a vast library of high quality, current, and engaging video tutorials.

What equipment do I need?

You can use your own equipment (computer, tablet or phone) or a UWE Bristol computer.

Apps are available for Apple iOS or Android devices.

How do I access LinkedIn Learning?

We have migrated over to LinkedIn Learning from Follow the instructions in the email you will have received from LinkedIn in order to keep your user history.

Use the button at the top of this page, or visit and log in with your UWE Bristol username and password.

Alternatively, go to, select 'Sign in' and enter '' in the 'Sign in through your organization or school' box.

How do I use it?

Once you are logged in you can search for videos by subject or software brand name, and then bookmark your favourite courses.

There are clear instructions and helpful videos on how to use LinkedIn Learning including a short 'Take a Tour' option when you first log in. There is also a more extensive 'how to use LinkedIn Learning' training module in LinkedIn Learning.

Exercise files allow you to test your progress, and you can print out 'certificates of completion' once you have completed a course.

You can edit your profile details, including language and email preferences.

If you download the mobile app, you can download courses to view later, when you don't have an internet connection - for example, on a long train journey.

Faculty-specific content on LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn Learning has a wide range of topics for all students. It is particularly useful for improving your skills with software you need to use for your course, and in your future career.

Arts, Cultural Industries and Education

  • Adobe suite - including: Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop, and Premiere Pro.
  • Maya


  • Entrepreneurship
  • Marketing
  • Becoming a manager

Environment and Technology

  • AutoCAD
  • Coding practice environments

Health and Applied Sciences

  • Managing long documents (i.e. dissertations)
  • Microsoft Office package
  • Mind mapping
  • SPSS

Guidance for staff

Can students access the site?

Yes, students can access the site in the same way as staff, for example, through these pages using their usual UWE Bristol username and password.

I’m a manager, how should I be using LinkedIn Learning to develop my staff?

LinkedIn Learning can be a valuable resource to help staff develop their skills. Encourage your staff to look at the site as part of their Performance and Development Review (PDR) process, or their ongoing personal development, and consider how it can support their role or progression.

Should I use LinkedIn Learning instead of Learning and Development courses?

LinkedIn Learning supplements the services provided by Human Resources' Learning and Development Centre. Further information on Learning and Development Centre courses.

Can I use this as a part of my teaching?

Yes. For example, you can create playlists to share with a module group, or link from to relevant courses or directly into a relevant part of a course.

Updating links from to LinkedIn Learning

  • Change any references to on your Blackboard site. Search for any references to and change to LinkedIn Learning.
  • Update any direct links to content in your Blackboard module. Copy the direct link by right clicking the video in the search results screen, then clicking 'copy link'. For a better student experience from Blackboard, it is recommended that you embed the content (see instructions below).

Creating authenticated links

Once you have logged into LinkedIn Learning, please follow the instructions below to create an authenticating direct video link.

1. Save the video which you want to create an authenticating link for (see below):

LinkedIn save video screenshot


2. Go to the saved video list (click on Saved located in the top menu bar) and right click on the video and select copy shortcut.

LinkedIn copy shortcut

3. Paste the URL into a text editor and add &auth=true at the end of the URL (see highlighted section in image below).

LinkedIn URL

4. Copy and paste this into the address bar and press enter. It will then initiate user authentication, asking you to log in with your UWE Bristol username and password.


You should now have recreated any playlists using the new Collections tool. Redirects ended at the end of May 2020. This short tutorial shows you how to create and share a Collection.

A backup was made on Monday 2 September 2019 of playlists on and Blackboard, so please contact us if you missed the end of redirects and need help with restoring your list.

Embedding LinkedIn Learning content into your Blackboard course

After your account has successfully migrated over:

  1. Click into the content area of the Blackboard course where you want the content to be added.
  2. Select Partner Content.
  3. Select Content Market.
  4. Select LinkedIn Learning is displayed under 'Select your content provider'.
  5. Some popular LinkedIn courses will be suggested based on the name of your Blackboard course.
  6. Alternatively, you can use the search by entering a key word and selecting the Search icon.
  7. Clicking on the eye icon will launch the content in a new browser.
  8. To select a piece of content, click the corresponding tick box.
  9. Once you've selected the required content, click Submit.
  10. Review the content selection and location in the course and click Submit.
  11. The LinkedIn Learning content will now be listed in the content area in Blackboard.


Who can I call if I'm having technical difficulties?

If you are experiencing difficulty using the site, please contact the library.

I have some feedback about LinkedIn Learning, who do I send this to?

Please email the library with any feedback.