Dissertations and projects

Student dissertations and projects that have been provided by the colleges as examples of good practice.

The Library holds selected student dissertations and projects from the past five years that have been provided by the colleges as examples of good practice (the actual grades awarded are confidential).

Browse electronic dissertations

The dissertations are stored on Blackboard and arranged alphabetically by award title.

For example, to access BA (Hons) History dissertations, click on the BA link below, then look for History dissertations in the H-O list. You will be asked to log into Blackboard after making a selection.

Undergraduate dissertations

Postgraduate dissertations

Search for student dissertations and projects

You can search for all electronic dissertations held by the library using the search function in Blackboard – the search bar is available in the left hand navigation bar. Try searching for a particular title, author or topic.

Connect to Blackboard Dissertation Store

Searching for PhD theses?

Search for PhD theses in print format, included those awarded by other universities.

Search for PhD theses

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