Equity identity coaching

Identity coaching provides you with a safe and supportive space to explore your motivations and challenges, and share experiences about identity with people from similar backgrounds. Equity identity coaching is an innovative, positive-action talent programme for UK Black, Asian and minority ethnic students which feeds into the wider Equity student programme.

Perhaps you haven't yet explored your identity and core values. Maybe you already have a deep understanding. No matter how much you already know, many of our Black, Asian and minority ethnic students have really benefited from this.

"Coaching literally saved my life, it gave me tools to see, when I couldn't see, and since then I've been an advocate for the practice. When you do the work on yourself, you will get results!"

Mena, Equity Coach

Mena Equity Coach

Provided on sessions throughout the year, identity coaching gives you the opportunity to:

  • Think about your personal values, your motivations and set clear goals for achieving your potential.
  • Review and discuss the leadership styles of Black, Asian and minority ethnic role models like Martin Luther King. Giving you the opportunity to consider which suits you most.
  • Be guided throughout your journey to develop key transferable skills, helping you achieve your goals.

"The identity workshops were really good for helping you to understand why you felt a certain way. And then accepting this."

Siddique, UWE Bristol Student

Siddique UWE Bristol Student

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