Other types of certificates

The following documentation is also available for students to confirm awards, marks and other academic information, in addition to the academic status letters and award certificates.

Higher Education Achievement Report (HEAR)

The Higher Education Achievement Report can be used to:

  • confirm achievement of an award (award verification)
  • confirm marks and grades (transcript)
  • confirm other university activities and achievements.


  • Refer to the MYUWE guidance in case of queries – for example, if your HEAR is not accurate.
  • The HEAR must be downloaded within 42 days of confirmation of your award. It is not possible for UWE Bristol to produce a copy of the HEAR once this deadline has passed.
  • The HEAR can be used in lieu of an award certificate or certificate of credit while you are waiting for your award certificates to arrive.

It is vital that the HEAR is downloaded while it is available. After 42 days it is not possible for the HEAR to be reproduced in any form.

Notification of Credit and Assessment Marks (NOCAM)

Following publication of results you can print your marks in MYUWE. This is a formal document confirming your module marks after each academic session. This information is also in the HEAR, but provides you with a quick way of providing module results to sponsors and employers.

Verification letter

This is a letter that confirms your award achieved and date.

Example verification letter (PDF)

Typical wording:

"This is to confirm that [INSERT NAME] has been awarded a GRADUATE DIPLOMA with Merit in Building surveying on 19 February 2017 after study at the UWE Bristol."

Students should request a verification letter in the following circumstances:

  • The HEAR is unavailable and the student is unable to wait for their certificate (see below). Please note: turnaround times during peak periods (May to August) can be up to ten days, so by the time a letter is produced your certificates may have arrived.
  • Confirmation of an award is urgently needed and the official certificates have not been received. Please contact an Information Point.

CPD certificates

Students on Continuing Professional Development courses, for example only studying one module, do not receive an award certificate. However, you can request a copy of your certificate of credit following results publication.

Please complete our online enquiry form and a certificate of credit will be produced for you.

Graduate Development Programme (GDP) certificate

The Graduate Development Programme was discontinued in 2013.

Students who completed the GDP before 2013 can apply for a copy of their certificate, by emailing an Information Point at infopoint@uwe.ac.uk.

Council Tax certificate

Full-time students can print a Council Tax certificate from MYUWE to prove they are exempt from Council Tax. The certificate includes a unique hyperlink that councils can use to verify that the certificate has been produced by MYUWE.

Eligibility for Council Tax exemption

Please see the government Council Tax guidance to check if you are eligible for Council Tax exemption.

Degree apprenticeship students are not usually eligible for an exemption. More information is available in the government guidance.

The end date for exemption is the last day of the academic year. For example, for students graduating in June, the end date is the end of June exam period.

Final year students taking resits are not eligible for exemption after the last day of term.

Help with Council Tax certificates

More help with accessing the Council Tax certificate is in the MYUWE My Info guidance.

Some degree programmes in our School of Health and Social Wellbeing are eligible for a Council Tax certificate but students will not have the certificate available in MYUWE. If you believe you are eligible, please complete the Council tax query form to request a Council Tax certificate.

If there is a discrepancy in the information on your certificate, or the certificate is not available and you are eligible, please complete the Council Tax query form.