PGR1.1 Postgraduate research degree awards granted by the University

PGR1.1R The following awards may be granted to persons who successfully complete approved supervised research (including, where required, taught units of study) and satisfy the conditions in the academic regulations and procedures:

  • Masters degree by Research
  • Master of Philosophy (MPhil)
  • Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)
  • Master of Philosophy by publication (MPhil)
  • Doctor of Philosophy by publication (DPhil)
  • Professional Doctorate (award titles as approved by the Academic Board from time to time).

More regulations and procedures

PGR1.2 PhD and MPhil awards

PGR1.2.1R MPhil and Doctoral level research-based awards (including MPhil, PhD, Professional Doctorate degrees) are assessed by submission of a written thesis and an oral defense (normally a viva voce examination). For MPhil and PhD, the written thesis may incorporate research outputs.

PGR 1.2.2 Written research outputs that can be incorporated into ‘the body of work to be assessed’ within the written thesis (see PGR13.10.1. (4) may include: scholarly texts (journal articles, books, parts of books, conference articles, working papers); research reports; research-informed policy documents; patents (published or pending); translations; and case studies of innovative work or other written material that provides evidence of original research or advanced scholarship in the field of study.

PGR1.2.3 Other research outputs that could inform the written thesis may include: artefacts, devices, products, exhibitions, performances, compositions, portfolios, designs, software, digital/visual media or other material that provides evidence of original research or other advanced scholarship in the field of study.

PGR1.2.4 Research outputs to be incorporated into the body of work to be assessed must be produced during the period of registration but do not have to have been published.

Additional note
The option to include research outputs within the body of work to be assessed in the thesis is available for new Postgraduate Researchers registering on the MPhil or PhD award for the first time on or after 1 October 2019; or for existing PGRs on these awards whose deadline for completing their PR3 progress review falls on or after 1 October 2020. It is not currently available for Professional Doctorate awards.

PGR1.3 Research degrees by published research

PGR1.3.1R The awards of Doctor of Philosophy (DPhil) and Master of Philosophy (MPhil) may be granted to persons who successfully submit evidence of scholarship through a collection of published work and satisfy the conditions in the Academic Regulations and Procedures.

PGR1.4 Professional Doctorate

PGR1.4.1R The University may award a Professional Doctorate to persons who successfully complete an approved programme requiring completion of taught elements and supervised research of relevance and application to a defined area of professional practice and appropriate to the level and nature of the award.  The following award titles have been approved by Academic Board and others may be approved from time to time:

  • Doctor of Biomedical Sciences (DBMS);
  • Doctor of the Built Environment (DBEnv);
  • Doctor of Business Administration (DBA);
  • Doctor of Counselling Psychology (DCounsPsych);
  • Doctor of Education (EdD);
  • Doctor of Health Psychology (DHealthPsych);
  • Doctor of Health and Social Care (DHSC);
  • Doctor of Spatial Planning (DPlan);
  • Doctor of Engineering (DEng).

PGR1.5 Regulations about Creative Practice

PGR1.5.1R A postgraduate researcher (PGR) may undertake research in which their own creative work forms a significant part of the intellectual enquiry, and where the creative work is undertaken as part of the registered research programme approved by the Faculty Research Degrees Committee. The project registration proposal (RD1) should set out the intended form of submission as described at PGR1.5.3R a, below.

PGR1.5.2R A postgraduate researcher may also undertake research in which the principal focus is preparation of a scholarly edition of the works of others e.g. one or more texts, musical or choreographic works, works of fiction or other original artefacts.

PGR1.5.3R In both such cases:

a. Part of the final submission for assessment may comprise examples of original works in addition to the thesis, for example: works of fiction, musical or choreographic works, designs, devices and products, short film, exhibition of works, installation or other original artefacts, or examples of creative work. Where practical this should be bound into the thesis.

b. Any submitted creative work must be clearly presented in relation to the argument of a thesis written by the candidate and set in its relevant theoretical, historical, critical or design context;

c. The final deposition of the thesis to the University research repository must be accompanied by some permanent record (for example, electronic recording, photographic record, musical score, or diagrammatic representation) of the creative work.

PGR1.6 Regulations about collaboration with other bodies

The University encourages co-operation with industrial, governmental, commercial, professional, or research establishments for the purpose of research leading to research degree awards. All such collaborative working will be governed by contractual arrangements agreed by the University and the external party.

PGR1.7 Establishing a relationship with external institutions for delivery of programmes of supervised postgraduate research

Definition: Relationships between the University and a. institutions of higher education with degree-awarding powers for taught programmes only, or b. affiliated academic institutions of the University where the institution wishes its postgraduate researchers to be registered for awards of the University.

PGR1.7.1R An initial enquiry concerning a possible academic relationship of this kind shall be referred to the Director of Student and Academic Services who will manage the application process, working in close collaboration with the Director and the Manager of the UWE Bristol Graduate School from the outset.

PGR1.8 Higher doctorates

PGR1.8.1R The following awards may be granted to persons who provide evidence or work of high distinction in accordance with the Academic Regulations:

  • Doctor of Letters (DLitt)
  • Doctor of Science (DSc).

Enquiries about higher doctorate awards should be directed to the UWE Bristol Graduate School in the first instance. Regulations governing the process of awarding Higher Doctorates can be found in Appendix 1 to the Postgraduate Research Degree Regulations.

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