Coronavirus update

Please note that whilst COVID-19 restrictions are in place, PGRs are required to submit their thesis to the Repository for their final assessment. Form RD14 (Doc) should be emailed to once you’ve uploaded your thesis. Unfortunately, printed copies of theses are unable to be accepted during this period. All vivas for the foreseeable future will be held via video conferencing. All other procedures and deadlines will remain in place.

Guidance to assist PGR candidates post viva

- including submitting their thesis/critical commentary following corrections, amendments (minor or major) and resubmission following a viva

When you will hear after your viva

Following your viva, the examiners will make their recommendation to the Research Degrees Award Board. We will write to you after the Award Board to confirm the viva outcome. Please refer to the post-viva guidance document (PDF), and if you have not received your letter by the relevant Award Board publication date, then please contact the PGR Assessment Team telephone +(0)117 328 2544 or email

When to submit your amended thesis

We will write to you following approval of the viva outcome by the Research Degrees Award Board. The letter will contain the submission deadline (calculated from the date of the letter).

Submitting earlier

You can submit before the deadline if you have completed the required amendments to the thesis/critical commentary.

Number of copies to submit

Note: Ensure that you read the current Graduate School guidance about submitting your work. Please refer to the letter you received confirming the viva outcome.

Submitting an electronic version

Note: Ensure that you read the current Graduate School guidance about submitting your work. Please refer to the letter you received confirming the viva outcome. Your examiners will have specified whether they require a printed soft-bound copy or an electronic copy of the amended thesis.

Submitting a hard copy

Note: Ensure that you read the current Graduate School guidance about submitting your work. If your examiners have asked for a soft bound paper copy, then it should be submitted to the PGR Assessment Team, Graduate School, (RBI), Room 3E37, UWE Bristol Frenchay Campus, Coldharbour Lane, Bristol, BS16 1QY.

Where to submit an electronic copy

Please email to let us know that you are ready to submit your thesis and we will provide you with further instructions. You must not email the amended thesis directly to your examiner(s).

Adding the amended version of your thesis to the UWE Bristol Research Repository

Where a previous version of your thesis exists on the repository (eg. first submission prior to viva or revised version following viva), please email the revised thesis to, and the Library's Research Support team will upload it for you.

When you will hear back after submitting minor amendments

You should allow around six to eight weeks from submission of your amended thesis. We will write to you as soon as we have heard from your examiners.

Final version of your thesis

We will write to you following confirmation by the examiners that all amendments required to the thesis have been completed to their satisfaction. This will include guidance on submitting the final version of your thesis to the UWE Bristol Repository. When you have received confirmation from the UWE Bristol Repository that your thesis is publicly available, please complete and return the RD15 form sent to you with your final submission letter.

Regulations about deciding the assessment outcome and granting the research degree award

PGR 14.11 Responsibility for deciding the assessment outcome and granting the research degree award: the Research Degrees Award Board

PGR14.11.1R The Research Degrees Award Board is the examining board approved by the University to be responsible for granting postgraduate research degree awards, or amending a properly executed decision about postgraduate research degree awards, on behalf of the Academic Board. RDAB must include a Chief External Examiner appointed by the Director of Student and Academic Services on behalf of the Academic Board.

PGR14.11.2R RDAB will decide the assessment outcome and grant research degree awards on behalf of Academic Board on consideration of the reports and recommendation of the examiners following the viva voce examination, and on consideration of outcomes from taught components/modules from the appropriate Field Boards.

PGR14.11.3R The result of the candidate’s assessment and the award granted will be produced by the Graduate School, signed by the Chair of RDAB and published in the format approved by the University.

PGR14.11.4R The candidate will be considered to have completed their award on the date that RDAB decides that the award is granted.

PGR14.11.5R The University may withhold an award from a candidate who:

  • has outstanding obligations, financial or otherwise, to the University;
  • has not successfully completed the requirement for accredited learning (i.e. taught modules) for the programme;
  • is the subject of an ongoing investigation concerning an allegation of a breach of discipline or student conduct, or an assessment offence allegation.

PGR14.12 Making an appeal against the RDAB decision

PGR14.12.1 Candidates may appeal against the decision of RDAB only on the grounds that:

There has been material and significant administrative error or other material irregularity such that the assessment was not conducted in accordance with the approved regulations for the award.”[Appendix H2, extract, H26.4R]

The processes governing the consideration of such appeals for all students of the University including postgraduate research degree candidates are described at Part S1 of the UWE Bristol Academic Regulations and Procedures.

Regulations about depositing the final work and intellectual property requirements

PGR14.13 Regulations about deposition of the final version of the thesis or the collection of published works and critical commentary, and about intellectual property requirements

Ensure that current guidance from the Graduate School is followed.

PGR14.13.1R All candidates for PhD, Professional Doctorate and MPhil awards must deposit the final version of their thesis, incorporating any amendments required by the examiners, on the UWE Bristol Research Repository before the award can be conferred. For the awards of DPhil/MPhil by publication only, the critical commentary and bibliography listing the published works submitted for consideration for the award must be added to the UWE Bristol Research Repository.

PGR14.13.2R The candidate must ensure that use of any third party intellectual property complies with the requirements of the University’s intellectual property policy. The thesis or critical commentary must include the following statement:

‘Material in this thesis/commentary* is the author’s with the exception of third party material where appropriate permissions have been obtained and attributed. This copy has been supplied on the understanding that no use of material may be made without proper acknowledgement.’

*For awards by publication

PGR14.13.3R Access to a thesis or critical commentary via the UWE Bristol Research Repository may only be restricted where a previous application to do so has been agreed by RDAB.

Procedure about posthumous awards

PGR14-14 Posthumous awards

The  processes governing the granting of a posthumous award to a deceased student of the University, including postgraduate researchers, are described at section M2 of the UWE Bristol Academic Regulations and Procedures (PDF).

Procedure about certificates and ceremonies

PGR14-15 Conferring the award

PGR14.15.1 After designated staff from the Repository Team and the Officer to RDAB have verified that the final version of the thesis/critical commentary and bibliography has been deposited on the UWE Bristol Research Repository in accordance with University requirements, and all required paperwork has been completed, RDAB will approve the production of the Certificate and Certificate of Credit. The University will not confer the award, nor may the candidate attend an award ceremony or adopt the doctoral title until the final deposition has been made appropriately.

Award Ceremonies and certificates guidance

If you have any other queries about certificates and ceremonies, please email the Graduate School at

How to attend a ceremony

Further information about attending an Awards Ceremony should refer to the postgraduate research award ceremonies guidance.

View more information in the University’s Award Ceremonies section. Dates and times of ceremonies will be released on the Awards Ceremonies section as soon as it becomes available.

Confirmation of your award

You will be notified of the date of the relevant award board meeting, and you will receive confirmation by the Research Degrees Award Board publication date. The synopsis for inclusion in the award ceremony programme should be submitted as soon as possible after you have received the guidance letter about the final thesis submission.

If you do not wish to attend the ceremony

Synopses are only required if you wish to attend the ceremony.

Where your certificate is sent

Your certificate will be sent to your home address held on the student information system.

Change of address

Please indicate on the RD15 your change of address and we will update the student information system for you.

Changing your name after receiving your certificates

This is not possible. The name on the certificate is your formal name at the time your research degree was awarded.