HEAT@UWE: Bridging the gaps in health, environment and technology (HEAT) research

Project details

Project title: HEAT@UWE: Bridging the gaps in health, environment and technology (HEAT) research

Project duration: September 2009 - August 2012

Funded by: EPSRC

Project leader: Professor Katie Williams

Other researchers:

Project summary

HEAT@UWE is a funded programme of activities and opportunities to develop, facilitate and communicate interdisciplinary research between Health, Environment and Technology researchers at UWE Bristol. It makes strong cross-college links and encourages innovative research.

The aim is to create a long-term culture that can sustain an interdisciplinary research at UWE Bristol. HEAT has run a series of events, offers a brokering service and has funded over £100,000 of start up projects.

Events have included a Visioning Conference, Hot Houses, Heating-up seminars, Lecture and Lunch events, and ‘teams and themes’ meetings. We have funded multi-disciplinary projects on subjects including:

  • Body perception measurement
  • Walking as a social practice (urban design and social marketing interventions)
  • The effectiveness of health appraisals in influencing development projects
  • A device to relieve chronic pain in complex regional pain syndrome
  • Personal environmental monitoring (using the BodyTrack)
  • Motivating cycling through positive experiences
  • Facilitating healthy behaviours through home design
  • The development of a mobile phone App for students with social anxiety
  • The development of a tool for assessing body image
  • Mapping communities vulnerable to air pollution
  • Crowd behaviour
  • Food hygiene and information sources relating to the preparation of infant food
  • Nurses rostering
  • Urban agriculture
  • Sensors for water quality monitoring
  • Flooding infrastructure training
  • A diagnostic aid for urinary tract infection detection.

Project contact

For more information about the project, please contact Dr Dannielle Sinnett (Danielle.Sinnett@uwe.ac.uk).

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