Courses and workshops

We offer many courses and workshops throughout the year.

MSc Psycho-Social Studies (Integrated Professional Development)

The MSc Psycho-Social Studies (Integrated Professional Development) course develops dialogues between the psychological insights of psychoanalysis, continental philosophy and neuroscience and the social analysis of politics, sociology and other social sciences. The course provides a particular pathway within a Professional Development Programme framework. It is designed to be work-based and this may include voluntary work as well as paid professional activity. As such it is suitable to those newly graduated, particularly in the social sciences, as well as to more experienced professional practitioners, particularly those involved in social care, counselling/psychotherapy, social work and community development/conflict work.

Researching Beneath the Surface

The Researching Beneath the Surface module looks into how do we research and inquire into human experience? Particularly the affective and less conscious dimensions of this experience.

Researching the Unconscious

Researching the Unconscious: Psychodynamic Research for Clinical Practice is a module delivered using a variety of approaches. These may include lectures and seminars from UWE Bristol staff and specialist external staff, research supervision sets and work-based learning groups to foster peer learning and review.

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