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  • Green Jobs workshop, 6 June.
    View the presentation slides from the workshop:

             - Areas of green jobs research in the academic the literature (PDF) by Dr Peter Bradley, UWE Bristol

             - National policy perspective - the Environmental Improvement Plan (PDF) by Sophie Tyldesley
               and Alex Hasioszyn, DEFRA

            -  Policy priorities for realising the UK's ambitions for green skills and jobs (PDF) by DESNZ

            - Green jobs research development workshop: Business perspective (PDF) by Fenna Leak, Future Leap

            - ONS's measuring "Green Jobs" project (PDF) by Gemma N Thomas, ONS

            - Green Skills update (PDF) by Naomi Logan; Jane Vivian (speaker), WECA

            - West of England Employment & Skills Programmes and Services (PDF)WECA.


  • ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) investing, finance and the transition to net zero symposium - a two day event for academics, financial experts, economists, local authorities and practitioners to inspire collaboration, conversation and debate on recent trends. 



  • Corporate adoption of bioinspired innovation and the factors that influence adoption in eight multinational companies
    Speaker: Dr Taryn Mead (Western Colorado University)


  • Discover, Collaborate, Innovate. 
    Speaker: Katherine Piper (Future Leap Network)


  • Corporate sustainability management and accounting: Considering multi-level links for sustainability beyond organizational boundaries. 
    Speaker: Professor Stefan Schaltegger (Leuphana University Lüneburg)
  • Evidence on whether policy support for investment in renewable energy and energy efficiency leads to net job creation.
    Speaker: Dr Richard Hannah (Imperial College London)



  • Evidence and analysis in the regulation of chemicals, pesticides and hazardous waste. 
    Speaker: Dr Mark Chandler (Head of Evidence and Analysis, DEFRA)


  • Classical institutional economics and business ethics: exploring systems-theoretic connections. 
    Speaker: Professor Vladislav Valentinov (IAMO)


  • The role of tokens in addressing externalities in the market economy.  
    Speaker: Dianna Finch (Bristol Pay) 


  • Strategies regarding the creating of a sustainable economy. 
    Speaker: Professor Arild Vatn (Norwegian University of life Sciences) 


  • Supply chain analysis and environmental life cycle assessment for commodities. 
    Speaker: Dr Pedro Lafargue (UWE Bristol)


  • Case studies from IKEA and the fashion industry. 
    Speakers: Ian Christie and Patrick Elf (Centre for Understanding of Sustainable Prosperity)


  • What is sustainable economy? 
    Speakers: Dr Mark Everard and Dr Peter Bradley (UWE Bristol)

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