Dr Laura Fogg Rogers

Laura is a Senior Lecturer in STEM Education and Communication.

Research, practice and projects

Laura is a trained science journalist with extensive experience of working in the media and with the public. She joined the Science Communication Unit in 2013 and is passionate about engaging audiences of all ages with health, science and engineering research.

Laura has been the Principal Investigator leading several international projects through to completion. Her research interests include evaluating public engagement practices at live science events, exploring the impact of communication for engineers, scientists and audiences, and developing involvement in research for under-served audiences.

Her research projects include:

Previously, Laura was the Communications and Liaison Manager for the Centre for Brain Research, a neuroscience research and engagement centre at The University of Auckland in New Zealand. Laura holds a First Class MSc in Psychology, with a thesis exploring participation in the CeleBRation Choir, a choir which she set up to provide Choral Singing Therapy for people with communication difficulties through neurological disease.


Laura lectures on the MSc in Science Communication and undergraduate conservation and environmental modules. Laura develops CPD courses for practitioners and contributes to the SCU Masterclass. Laura supervises MSc student projects and has helped several students through to completion.

Publication, dissemination and impact

Laura has undertaken a DPhil in conjunction with the Department of Psychology, exploring learning through engagement at live science events. The research explored cultures of public engagement in higher education, as well as facilitators and barriers to scientists and engineers participating in public engagement and outreach. Laura also publishes on audience preferences and learning at live public science events. This research has been published in journals including Science Communication, the International Journal of Science Education Part B, the Journal of Science Communication, and the European Journal of Engineering Education. Laura has also presented at several international conferences.

Laura has also published extensively on Choral Singing Therapy, improving quality of life for people with communication disorders through brain disease. A video of her presenting at the AHRC Science in Culture Ignite event summarises this work. This research led to the development of the UWE Bristol ReVoice Choir for people with aphasia.

Laura acts as a reviewer for journals including Science Communication, PLOS One, European Journal of Engineering Education and the International Journal of Neuroscience. Many of Laura’s publications are available from the UWE Research Repository. See Laura Fogg Rogers' UWE Bristol staff profile for further details.

Laura is exploring how to develop the impact of this research within UWE Bristol, regionally and nationally. She advises national bodies on how to generate cultures of public engagement and support live public science events, including the British Science Association and the Engineering Professors’ Council. Laura’s work led to the development of the UWE BoxED project for outreach in UWE Bristol, and the Curiosity Connections Bristol network.

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