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30 July 2020. Blog post: Dr Matt Wood and Dr Emily LeRoux-Rutledge are new lecturers at UWE Bristol and joined the Promoting Psychological Health theme of PSRG. Read their profiles on our blog to find out more.

10 July 2020: Blog post: We have created videos about our themes and the work that we do in PSRG. Special thanks to Matt at Housecat Productions.

27 February 2020. Blog post: Dr Eva Fragkiadaki discusses the benefits of incorporating qualitative methodologies like Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis (IPA) into psychotherapy research.

3 February 2020. Blog post: Dr Charlotte Pennington talks about her experiences participating in Dry January as an alcohol researcher.

12 December 2019. Blog post: Dr Miltos Hadjiosif discusses potential concerns with the ‘cognitivist’ approach to psychology in the context of psychotherapy.

11 October 2019. Blog post: Dr Tony Ward discusses a potential new era of strained academic relationships with our international colleagues as the Brexit deadline approaches.

19 September 2019. Blog post: Dr Eva Fragkiadaki is a new lecturer at UWE Bristol and has joined the Promoting Psychological Health theme of PSRG. Read Eva's profile on our blog to find out more.

2 July 2019. Conference: Dr Gary Christopher ran the second Ageing Better Conference (ABC 2019) to showcase the research on ageing carried out at UWE Bristol. View the abstracts of individual papers (PDF).

21 June 2019. Blog post: PhD student Alice Stephenson looks into the growing impact of the open science movement, specifically with regard to pre-registered conference posters.

5 June 2019. Blog post: Lindsay Woodford explores how athletes experience and understand overtraining syndrome.

15 April 2019. Blog post: Dr Jennie Ferrell discusses the growing interest in activities and research around intergenerational contact.

20 March 2019. Blog post: Dr James Byron-Daniel and Manuela Teti (a UWE Bristol MSc Sport and Exercise Psychology graduate) discuss their research into sport psychology and the potential benefit to young athletes.

26 February 2019. Blog post: Dr Charlotte Pennington explores how social psychologists have shone a light on the nature of our unconscious attitudes and how these may reveal a hidden side of prejudice towards members of different social groups. Read Shining the light on implicit bias on our blog.

31 January 2019. Blog post: Dr Nicola Holt explores the therapeutic value of the arts in fostering well-being. Read our blog to learn more about her recent research and DRAW (Developing Research on the Arts and Well-being), the new multi-disciplinary special interest research group within the Promoting Psychological Health (PPH) theme of PSRG.

30 January 2019. Invited talk: Professor Matthijs Bal looks into the neoliberal ideologies in the workplace, exploring the fantasies that drive us. View the PowerPoint slides from his talk (PPT).

17 December 2018. Blog post: Dr Gary Christopher explores the psychological benefits of nostalgia, in particular, nostalgic recall for people suffering from dementia. Read more about Gary's research into nostalgia.

16 November 2018. Blog post: Dr Miles Thompson looks into the definition of resilience and possible issues around both promoting and questioning resilience in children. Read more about Miles' findings.

2 November 2018. Blog post: Josh Lee, a second year psychology student at UWE Bristol, looks back at his undergraduate internship with the Psychological Sciences Research Group (PSRG). Read about Josh's research experience at UWE Bristol.

14 September 2018. Blog post: Contribute to a session on "Community psychology perspectives on student mental health" at the fourth annual UK Community Psychology Festival in Hertford (23-24 September 2018), curated by three members of the PSRG. Find out how to contribute to the festival session.

7 September 2018. Blog post: Dr Gamze Arman joins UWE Bristol as a Lecturer in Occupational Psychology. Find out more about Dr Arman's research interests and specialisms.

1 August 2018. Blog post: Dr Emma Halliwell discusses the therapeutic value of yoga in promoting psychological and physical health. Her research, done in collaboration with a yoga teacher, Sam Burkey, is an evidence-based approach which integrates evidence from academic literature, classic teachings and professional experience. Read more about Emma's research findings.

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