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Key to the abbreviated research themes

AW - Ageing Well
ACN - Applied Cognition and Neuroscience
OPE - Optimising Performance and Engagement
PPH - Promoting Psychological Health

Staff members with primary affiliation to Psychological Sciences Research Group

Name and theme Key research interests

Dr Chris Alford

Performance, behaviour, cognition, sleep, drugs, alcohol, caffeine, psychophysiology, EEG

Dr Gamze Arman

Business expatriates and immigrants, female career development, abusive supervision

Dr Selma Babayigit

Language, cognition and literacy development, bilingual, English as an additional language, Turkish

Dr Lucy Blake

Family relationships, child development, estrangement, mental health, young people

Kate Bradley

Psychometric assessment, selection and development, artificial intelligence, diversity, growth mindset

Dr Caroline Brown

Psychophysiological, attention, cognitive development, autism, emotion, mindfulness

Dr Sarah Brown

Weight management, cardiac rehabilitation, yoga for health and wellbeing

Dr James Byron-Daniel

Applied sport psychology, exercise interventions, performance, lifespan physical activity

Dr Mike Chase

Community psychology, mixed methods evaluations, and health provision experiences

Dr Jasmine Childs-Fegredo

Yoga-integrated psychotherapy, mindfulness, school mental health, counselling psychology

Dr Gary Christopher

Neuropsychological testing, dementia, ageing, emotion regulation, executive function, caffeine

Dr Kait Clark

Visual cognition, attention, perceptual learning, training, expertise, individual differences

Dr Toni Dicaccavo

Counselling psychology, parentification, compassion focused therapy, CBT

Andy Eastwood

Psychopharmacology, social cognition, alcohol-related aggression, emotional face processing

Dr Eva Fragkiadaki

Psychotherapy change and outcome, qualitative methods, mixed methods

Dr Jennie Ferrell

Cognitive development, social cognition, counterfactual reasoning, group dynamics

Emma Gaskin

Forensic psychology; face memory, perception and recognition; identifying offenders

Dr Miltos Hadjiosif

Counselling psychology, wounded healer, community psychology, narrative, popular culture

Adam Harvey

Verbal and nonverbal lie-detection, memory performance, investigative interviewing

Dr Priscilla Heard

Visual perception, illusions, facial expression

Danny Holmes

Mental health, sports performance, group dynamics, performing under pressure

Dr Nicola Holt

Creativity, art and health, schizotypy, anomalous experiences, experience sampling

Dr Iris Holzleitner

Face perception, social cognition, evolutionary psychology, morphometrics, open science

Dr Nic Hooper

Acceptance and commitment therapy, applied behaviour analysis

Dr Jane Humphreys

Under fives cognitive/social development, lifespan transitions, teaching and learning

Dr Kris Kinsey

Cognitive neuroscience, EEG, eye tracking, attention, vision, lexical dyslexia

Dr Emily Le Roux-Rutledge

Identity, narrative, migration, international development, health communication, gender, media

Dr James Macdonald

Consciousness, attention, perception, mind-wandering, mental imagery, neuronal oscillations

Dr Jane Meyrick

Sexual health and well-being, public health, sexual violence prevention

Dr Chris Pawson

Community psychology, mental health, child development, ethology behavioural ecology.

Gemma Pike

Proactivity, social identity, careers, psychological capital, coaching, workplace wellbeing

Dr Paul Redford

Organisational and business psychology, individual differences, motivation, creativity, learning

Dr Claire-Marie Roberts

Career termination, psychopathology, oculomotor behaviour, professional practice, women's sport

Dr Niklas Serning

Therapeutic use of psychedelics, critical psychology, post-psychology, young people

Mr Ben Steeden

Leadership, leadership potential, recruitment, unconscious bias, ageism, wellbeing

Dr Abby Tabor

Embodied cognition, active inference, noncommunicable diseases, pain, built environment

Dr Zoe Thomas

Mental health, complex presentations, dual diagnosis

Dr Miles Thompson

Acceptance and commitment therapy, chronic pain, community psychology

Dr Trang Tran

Psychological wellbeing, cultural adaptation, ecological development, intercultural practices

Dr Tony Ward

Cognitive representation, psychotherapy, pluralism, integration, emotion processing, online simulation

Matt Wood

Human computer interaction, qualitative methods, critical psychology, human sexuality

Lindsay Woodford

Overtraining, mental health, sport psychology

Dr Nancy Zook

Executive functions, ageing, neuropsychological tests


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