Projects in the Centre for Machine Vision

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Current and recent projects

Underfloor insulation

This project aimed to advance robotics developed and operated by Q-Bot.

Automatic weed imaging and analysis

This project aimed to identify the location and structure of weed clusters in a field.

Face recognition using photometric stereo (Photoface)

The Photoface project covers two EPSRC funded grants that started in April 2007.

4D data capture - real-time 3D

The 4D Vision project aimed to develop 3D Photometric Stereo technology to enable the capture of 3D faces in real-time.

Application of photometric stereo in dermatology

This project adopted a computational approach to redesign a device that primarily inspects the skin for dermatological uses.

Novel non-invasive assessment of respiratory function

Developing a novel, non-invasive method for non-contact assessment of respiratory muscle function.

Stealthy object detection and recognition

We developed a portable device to automatically detect and recognise potential threats to troops in war zones.

Quality control of specular ceramic materials

This project aimed to develop a method and device to rapidly reverse engineer specular surfaces while they are on-line.

Using 3D facial asymmetry in better diagnosis and treatment of plagiocephaly

A Medical Research Council (MRC) project to research skull abnormalities in children.

Centre for Machine Vision

This centre is part of Bristol Robotics Laboratory (BRL). We solve real-world practical computer vision problems.

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