Underfloor Insulation

Autonomous Exploration, Data Acquisition, Processing and Visualisation

An Innovate UK funded project in conjunction with Q-Bot Ltd. This project aimed to advance robotics developed and operated by Q-Bot. In specific, autonomously mapping and insulating underfloor environments in buildings.

Mainly older buildings lose a lot of heat via underfloor voids and updrafts. Q-Bot has successfully developed an integrated robotics systems. It is capable of mapping underfloor environments through a semi-automated robotic SLAM system. Insulation is then sprayed semi-automated onto the underside of the floorboards from below.

The aim is to further automate the path-planning process of the system and introduce computer vision methods.

In order to automatically classify environment regions into key components that affect the need to insulate, or lack thereof.

Examples of such features include walls, boards, pipes, vents and electrical cables.

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