Earlier research projects

Staff members who have been involved in research projects are listed below:

  • Change leadership and learning in organisations
    Dr Margaret Page
  • Gender equality change practices in local government
    Dr Margaret Page with Queen Mary University of London

  • Arts based research
    Dr Margaret Page with Oxford Brookes and Bristol University

  • Communication and media strategies after disasters occur
    Dr Olivier Ratle

  • Effective group work in complex and uncertain times
    Dr Nadine Tchelebi

  • Investigating resistance to change in Cardiff Borough Council through the use of 'Social Photo Matrix'
    Dr Nadine Tchelebi

  • Liminality and Leadership Learning
    Dr Gareth Edwards with Exeter University

  • Learning the language of entrepreneurship
    Dr Carol Jarvis with Mondragon University, Spain and Jyvaskyla University of Applied Science, Finland

  • Women's participation in the democratic transition
    Dr Nadine Tchelebi and Peter Simpson with PeaceWomen Across the Globe

  • Theorising Leadership Development in Business Schools
    Hugo Gaggioti and Peter Simpson

  • Exploring Introversion in Management and Business Learning Spaces
    Eda Ulus and Ingle Aben

  • Reform of agricultural extension services in Lao People's Demographic Republic
    Peter Case with Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research

  • Improving leadership and management of malaria elimination programmes globally
    Peter Case with with Gates Foundation, in collaboration with Global Health Group, Malaria Elimination Initiative, University of California San Francisco

  • Leadership and governance of conservation and development in Solomon Islands
    Peter Case in collaboration with ARC Centre of Excellence for Coral Reef Studies, James Cook University

  • Wisdom at work: philosophical practices for leading and organising
    Peter Case

  • Leadership and Ethnography
    Neil Sutherland

  • Environmental Jolts and Organisational Nostalgia: An Intergenerational Study of the individual experience of US Airline Pilots
    Dr Amy Fraher, Olivier Ratle and Eda Ulus

  • Early-career academics as institutional entrepreneurs
    Olivier Ratle with Alexandra Bristow, University of Surrey and Sarah Robinson, University of Leicester

  • Rhetoric and the management of risk: Communication strategies during the Estonia Disaster Inquiry
    Olivier Ratle with Hannu Haenninen, Aalto University

  • Developing an evidence-based framework for effective multi-disciplinary behaviour change intervention management
    Olivier Ratle and Fiona Wilson

  • Rhetoric and Incommensurability in management studies
    Olivier Ratle and David Knights, Swansea University

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