Research areas of the Human Resources, Work and Employment research group (HRWE)

The Human Resources, Work and Employment research group (HRWE) explores, through a critical, intersectional perspective, the below five key areas:

  • Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) researchers focus upon diversity management; the gendered nature and meaning of work; men and women working in non-traditional employment roles; the, Equality Act, 2010; gender pay gaps; LGBT pay gaps; corporate egg freezing; the under-representation of women in senior management; working reduced hours/job sharing at management and executive levels; inclusion/exclusion at work; women’s corporate and professional networks; EDI and HR practitioners; the role of women volunteers.
  • HR/work and employment (HRWE) researchers are involved in research with a focus upon manager-employee interactions; line managers and performance management; newcomer and socialization theory; project-based work; mentoring support; organisational resilience; liminal spaces of work; displacement, mobility and commuting; HRM in SMEs; reduced hours working at executive and senior levels in organisations; critical perspectives on management.
  • Employee relations (ER) research, includes, employee relations and trade union strategies; the problems with low pay’ apprentice pay;  employee benefit; occupational regulation and trade union representation, from a UK and international, comparative perspective.
  • Labour market (LM) researchers are concerned with entrepreneurialism; nomadic work; the digitalisation of work; professions and culture/the sociology of the professions; flexible labour markets (e.g temporary workers, zero hours contracts); the Public Sector Equality Duty.
  • Pedagogical researchers share an interest in the responsible management of education; ethics, participation and emancipation in education; student low pay; student academic skills; student perceptions of the impact of the transition from foundation to university degree; and student attitudes to working in the third sector.

Human Resources, Work and Employment research group

Undertaking research activity that is oriented towards human resource management and employment from a critical perspective.

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