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Key aspects of research within the Global Justice and Security Research Group include the criminal justice system and efforts to tackle financial crime.

We are helping our authorities worldwide to tackle the ever-evolving problem of financial crime. Drawing on our expertise, we are turning the tables on fraudsters by empowering police forces to intervene.

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Impact story

Mobile money and financial crime

Based on research conducted by Professor Nicholas Ryder into mobile banking regulation, a telecom company have been able to contribute to growth in these emerging markets internationally. The research findings have enabled the company to understand the anti-money laundering and banking regulation implications of their mobile banking initiatives, giving them confidence and competitive advantage in negotiations by being fully versed in the local and international implications associated with mobile money and banking regulation. As a result, the company was able to successfully launch new subsidiaries, which, by bringing mobile money services to new markets, has had a significant impact on local economies and employment. A full summary is available from REF2014 website.

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