About the Engineering, Modelling and Simulation Group (EMSG)


The Engineering, Modelling and Simulation Group (EMSG) aims to deliver high quality research, postgraduate training and consultancy services in engineering modelling and simulation. Activity within the Group is focused on five research themes:

  • TRACE: Thermofluids Research and Applications for Clean Energy
  • SMART: Smart Material and Engineering Structures
  • DRIVE: Digital Revolution into Value-added Engineering
  • ISAAC: Intelligent System And Adaptive Control
  • POISS: Performance-Optimised Infrastructure and Structural Systems

Our approach

We are a multi-disciplinary research group providing a unified platform to bring academics, researchers and research students together.

By combining the expertise of each individual, we are able to tackle sophisticated yet practically important engineering problems through individual efforts and team work.

Our aims

  • Provide a common research platform that academics and researchers can use to exchange their knowledge and ideas to initiate some collaborative work/projects.
  • Strengthen and sustain existing research capabilities, and further develop and grow the group in various aspects such as research income and publication.
  • Identify and nurture prospective new members of staff and guide them through the research funding application process.
  • Develop research-informed teaching activities, especially to deliver high quality CPD courses for professionals engaged in computational modelling field.
  • Produce influential research impact and a good reputation via other scholarly activities such as retaining existing international links and collaborations, and further initiating and developing new links.
  • Generate high quality research activities to contribute and support the 'General Engineering' REF 2021 submission and beyond.

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