Research students from the Engineering, Modelling and Simulation Group (EMSG)

Current research students

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Research project title

Supervisory team

Ahtisham Aziz

Development of MIMO U-control dynamic systems with applications to UAVs

Professor Quan Zhu;
Dr Hamidreza Nemati

Jordan Cormack

One-shot printed multi-digit gripper

Professor Tony Pipe;
Dr Mohammad Fatouhi (University of Glasgow)

Paul Hanman

Boxed wing concept and aerodynamics

Professor Yufeng Yao;
Dr Abdessalem Bouferrouk

Jacob Hatherell

Title to be confirmed

Dr Jason Matthews

David Irvine

The analysis of wear mechanism and the impact of tool geometry in machining Zirconia Dental Crowns

Dr Jason Matthews

Musekiwa Machakanja

Flight dynamics, stability and control data of Blended Wing Body (BWB) passenger aircraft

Professor Yufeng Yao;
Dr Steffen Schrader;
Dr Yaseen Zaidi

Fakhreddine Madi

Further development of morphing wing technology

Professor Yufeng Yao;
Dr Matt O'Donnell

Peter Mayhew

Health monitoring system for avionics

Dr Hisham Ihshaish;
Dr Steve Wright;
Dr Mokhtar Nibouche

Bo Ouyang

Development of novel aerodynamics high-lift concept for next-gen aircraft design

Professor Yufeng Yao;
Dr Abdessalem Bouferrouk

Tara Rasti

Configuration and algorithms for physiological and mental healthcare monitoring systems with wearable sensors

Professor Quan Zhu;
Duncan Sleeman;
Dr Shanshan Zhao

Li Ruobing

Development of U-model enhanced nonlinear dynamic control systems - framework, algorithms and validation

Professor Quan Zhu;
Dr Alex Yue;

Hui Sun
(Distance PhD based at China Civil Aviation University, Tianjin

Design and analysis of cognitive radio wireless sensor networks based on the aircraft cabin environment

Dr Sabir Gahuri;
Professor Quan Zhu

Michele Tumminelli

Deterministic techniques for distributed multi-agent safety critical system

Dr Matthew Studley;
Dr Steve Wright;
Dr Steve Battle

Brian (Ke) Wang

Development of a novel process for robotic polishing tool steel moulds and dies

Dr Jason Matthews;
Farid Dailami

Completed research students

Research student

Research project title


Chawki Abdessemed

Investigating bio-inspired aerodynamic designs to underpin next generation flying vehicle applications using high-fidelity CFD methods

Professor Yufeng Yao

Daniel Herrero Adan

IsoGeometric modelling of strain localisation and discontinuities

Dr Arnaud Marmier;
Dr Mahdi Damghani

Priyang Udaykant Jadav

Investigation into the effectiveness of forced mechanical micro‚Äźvibrations to improve the efficiency of mechanical gear drives

Dr Ramin Amali

Rui Li

Analysis and modelling of male urine flow rate from measured data

Professor Quan Zhu
Laura Maybury Advanced 3D ultrasonic characterisation of 2D woven composites Dr Ramin Amali

Tongrui Peng

Development of U-model enhanced control of Multi Input and Multi Output (MIMO) nonlinear dynamic Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) systems

Professor Quan Zhu

Ji Qiu

Development of adaptive control methodologies and algorithms for nonlinear dynamic systems based on U model framework

Professor Quan Zhu

Jana-Sabrina Stucke

Flow control over a blended wing body configuration

Dr Chris Toomer

Rista Syawitri

An integrated study into wind turbine aerodynamic loading, structure response and noise reduction

Professor Yufeng Yao;
Dr Budi Chandra

Adriaan Van Niekerk

Application of renewable fuels to meet future automotive legislations

Neil Larsen

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